Loose Marbles

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
           I shaved
my goatee off.  I also cut my hair shorter.  The lady at Floyd’s was
awesome.  I was feeling down, so I planned on having someone else do
all the hard work.  She gave me a shampoo with a scalp massage, and
despite the regular barber being gone, she got rid of all that facial
hair for me.  I felt so much better at the end, I don’t even know how
to convey it.  Anyway the point of doing this is:  Someone told me I
looked like a rapist, and it got under my skin.  That’s been happening
to me alot lately.  I keep my head down and inch toward daylight, but
the people around me talk, and I can’t keep my head clear.  Today I was
focused on being helpful to the point that I forgot the preferences
relevant to my task.  Saturday, during the (super-short) tourney, I let
the outside world rush me and it got me killed.  I need to figure out
how to keep my mind under control.  It’s making me even less useful
than I already was.

          On a sadder note, a good friend of
mine left today.  She’s gonna be gone for a few years, much to my
dismay.  I kind of envy the courage it takes to uproot and disappear
like that.  At the rate I’m burning bridges lately, maybe I’ll need to
do the same.

          One final note:  I was in a hair growing competition, and my opponent now gets the win. 


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