Ford Beater

Posted: May 1, 2008 in Uncategorized

The powers that be dragged an old Ford Escort into the common area on
campus today.  The idea was to have a
“student stress relief” activity.  They
had a ten pound sledgehammer and safety gear, and you could take a few swings
at the car for fun.  All the cool stuff
to break was pre-stripped, but the thought was nice.  I suppose that this way, they wouldn’t have
to clean up a bunch of glass and plastic shards, but it made the whole thing a
lot less satisfying. 

Naturally, I took my turn on the car, and I put a few satisfying dents in
it.  Then I headed off to class.  When I came back out at lunch time, the roof
was collapsed on one side, and no panel had been left un-crushed.  As these things go, it looked to be a
success.  Simple geometry and body
construction were thwarting people by now though.  The collapsed roof had turned any raised
point into a well-braced triangle, and the frame is pretty much impervious to
human-scale strength.  There simply
wasn’t much left that a person could do to that poor heap with a hammer. 

That didn’t discourage anyone
though…  Hilarity ensued as I watched
people who had never done an honest day’s work in their life try to manage a
2-handed sledge.  It’s hard to believe no
one hurt themselves.  To be blunt, these
guys were the ones who have a body by Hostess. 

I didn’t intend for this to become
so judgmental.  I was just wasting time
instead of doing the metric buttload of homework I have due in the next couple
of weeks.  I also have a party I’m
supposed to be planning, but at least that’s easy work.  Yeah, I know it’s wrong to procrastinate.  No, I don’t really care.  Just tack this on to the litany of my


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