Broken Sword

Posted: May 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

I went to fighter practice on Sunday.  It was gonna be magical.  I had even talked someone who had not fought
in a long time to come out and play. 
This person was unsure how much their skill had degraded, and wanted to
do some slow-work.  This meant moving at ½
speed or so, and I was ok with trying it. 
I’m not all that good at full speed, but I turned my dial way down.   After a few minutes, the other fighter got
fed up with me for a few of the things I tend to do, and told me I was out to
prove I was better.  How do you respond
to that? 

I don’t think that is a fair
pronouncement.  I can understand being
frustrated about how rusty a person is when they used to be good, but I kinda
don’t want to take heat for trying to help. 
If I needed to prove I was better, I’d probably insist on a full-blown
fight or two.  Judging my intentions without
firsthand knowledge is ill-advised at best. 
All it did was depress me.  After
that, I was stuck inside my head again. 
I spent all of my time thinking and getting my ass handed to me.  Shots that never should have touched me were
ringing my bell.  I felt like a
god-damned idiot.

I also was stuck using a sword much
shorter than the one I am accustomed to. 
Its balance was far different, and its range… well, that’s a mighty long
gap to close.  My whole day was just like
fighting with that stick:  I was using
the wrong tools for the job, and failing, and being goddamned miserable about
the whole thing.  I ended up breaking the
tip off, and making my only sword unusable. 
Back to the drawing board (in more than one sense), I guess. 

And I still haven’t figured out how to keep my


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