I’m a Pretty Flower!

Posted: May 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

The end of
the semester loomed.  I had a paper due
every two days, and some of them were doozies. 
Among them:  A research paper
about Israel (10 pages), a brochure and presentation about human influence on
evolution (2 pages), a research paper and presentation about the beginnings of
the Byzantine Empire (5 pages), and an opinion piece about how to beat
communism (5 pages).  Somehow, I knocked
every last one of them out of the park. 
I met the deadlines by mere hours in some cases, but I did it.  Hell fuckin’ yeah.

Coronation of Boleslav and Astrid (spelled differently, I’m sure) was this
Saturday, and with it came the Queen’s Champion Tournament.  The tournament format was a speed tourney
with the winner staying in and points given for each victory.  This particular one is also special because
the Queen’s Champion is the first tournament I ever entered.  The competition was ferocious like always,
but I’m a lot better equipped to handle it than I used to be. 

It turned
out to be a day of personal bests for me. 
I brag here not to sound cocky, but to celebrate the fun I had.  First off, in previous years I would manage 1
or 2 points total, and never consecutively. 
This time, I had several good runs in the pit, and my best streak was
between 5 and 7 wins in a row.  Secondly,
I landed a number of unconventional shots. 
The crowd (and maybe Crown, although that’s hearsay) favorite was a
between-the-legs thrust into the chest of a legged opponent.  Normally I don’t even try that, but I couldn’t
land a solid blow anywhere else, and I was gonna get tired soon.  Third, I finally nailed a fighter whom I greatly
respect, but have never laid stick on
before.  I tagged him right in the
butt-cheek hard enough that he yelped and jumped at it.  I lost that fight, but it was SO worth it.

All in all,
it was a fantastic day.  People tell me I
was looking good on the field, and I have no choice but to believe them.  The cherry on top was yet to come though…

I am the
current Sword of Chivalry for the barony of Caerthe, so I was standing behind
her Excellency during court.  It’s
totally sweet because you get to hold the Sword of Chivalry up, and you can see
and hear what’s going on.  Little did I realize
that there was a sneak attack coming.  I
applauded as a good friend of mine was awarded the Shield of Chivalry, and
another buddy of mine accepted the role of Queen’s Champion.  Then they called me.  The usual ringing in my ears was drowned out
by the thundering of my heart, just like always.  The queen said some words I couldn’t really
hear, and put a sash over my head.  I
nodded dumbly, bowed, and returned to my post behind the thrones with the
assorted other attendees.

I felt dumb…
I couldn’t hear, and I couldn’t remember: what the hell was this thing I was
wearing?  Turns out, I’m the Flower of
Chivalry.  I know that it’s an award for
simply doing all those things that are the right thing to do anyway, but I’m
still flattered.  I haven’t called anyone
to tell them yet, largely because Dovita has spies everywhere, so there is no
one left to tell.  The speed of gossip in
my extended family is faster than light.

So yeah, my
weekend was good.


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