I’m the Red Ranger!

Posted: May 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

 I know that’s pretty much the most ridiculous
thing I’ve ever said, but it’s true anyway. 

The red Power Ranger is nearly always the leader.  He (I don’t think there has been a female red
ranger yet) doesn’t set out to be that way. 
His circle of friends, and therefore his super hero team, just sort of
organizes itself around him.  In some
iterations of the show, the red ranger becomes a leader during an early story
arc.  After all, the ability to lead
doesn’t come with the willingness to do so. 
This crimson alpha male also has gifts or is bestowed with powers the
others are not.  All the coolest toys are
built for the red ranger.  He gets his
own special giant robot, and he gets the command seat in all of the other
robots too.  Does the mentor figure have
a new power sitting around?  You can
guess who’s getting it.

So here’s my goofy damn parallel.  I’ve been told that people are starting to
look to me to make shit happen.  This
isn’t my usual cockiness here.  The new
guys are asking me how stuff gets done. 
At my usual fighter practice, people don’t tend to armor up until I
start.  It’s weird stuff like that that I
have never noticed before, and those two are small examples.  Besides that, people give me things.  I don’t think I ask for a lot of these
things, but they come to me anyway.  I
don’t even really have to ask for help, and attempts to repay this kindness are
met with “Pay it forward.” 

Forewarned is fore-armed. 
Now that my eyes are open, it behooves me to pay it forward.  I realize now that I don’t have to reach the
pinnacle to share what I know with people who aren’t as far along.  I have my doubts about my ability to lead or
command respect, but I also know that being a good leader is merely recognizing
what you are bad at and using your charisma to surround yourself with people
who shore up those weaknesses.

 One final thought:  If you read this and you think I’m full of shit, let me know.  You aren’t gonna hurt my feelings.  I’m not the first or last person who has been wrong on the interwebz.

  1. Roberta says:

    I get to be the pink on… cuz I would look cutest in that color of unitard!

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