My Weekend: A Roland Emmerich Film

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

My ID4 was fantastic.  That is to say it is the stuff of
fantasy.  Things I wouldn’t have imagined
happened.  Aliens invaded, and they fired
these giant lasers at the major cities of Earth, and…  Wait.  That’s not quite how it happened.  My weekend had a smaller
budget.  The nuts and guts of it:

I went toe to toe with a certified badass and I
didn’t crumple like an empty pop can.

Someone pierced the shroud I use to keep
expectations of me low.

I literally got my cookie before the man I consider
to be my archrival.

Some of my friends finally got the recognition
they deserve.

I have a new entry on my list of the top 10
worst betrayals I’ve experienced.

The details of all of these things are rattling around in my
head.  Some of them I can’t share without
sounding like a cocky son of a bitch. 
Others I can’t share without breaking down into tears.  The parts I can share, I will.

                I lost
the fight to the certified badass.  Our
3-round fight went to 4 rounds, and is regarded as the best fight a lot of people
have seen in a long time.  Ronan was
finally awarded his Stag’s Blood.  He
deserved it.  After all, he’s been the
Caerthan Warlord and the commander of the Lunaticks.  Lord Felix got his Keeper of the Portcullis
award, which is the local equivalent of the Stag’s Blood (which he already
has).  There are others, but my memory
fails me when I haven’t been sleeping enough. 
I haven’t been sleeping enough. 
Regardless, I offer congratulations to all those who had a Red-Letter
weekend.  As for all that other shit, my
knight tells me, “It’ll all work out somehow.”

I just gotta show a little faith.

  1. Roberta says:

    I always have faith in you!

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