Even the Good News is Bad

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized
Good news, everyone! 

Ok, so not really.  Things are in motion in my life, and there is positive stuff happening.  The problem is, for each +1, there seems to be a -2.  My computer failed me yesterday.  The good news is that it is still under warranty.  The bad news is that I don’t have a recent backup of any of the copious amounts of writing I’ve done.  They told me that they may have to wipe my harddrive to restore functionality, and that data retrieval would cost $100.  There’s money I don’t have.  I’ll be able to borrow other people’s ‘pewters for a  little while, but I’m still losing that work I’ve done.

I’ve been getting work from SmartRevenue.  It’s amazingly good money, but I won’t see any of it until long after rent and registration for school is due.  I have a car, but it’s in a bad way, and I have to miss out on little things (like food) if I want to get it running.   One of my friends trusts me enough to confide in me, but the things he needs to get off his chest are HARSH.  We’ve been talking about suicide in Human Growth and Development, and I’ve had alot of helpful insight, but by the time class is over, I’m feeling pretty crappy about some unresolved issues with that whole thing.  I’ve heard some good rumors about my alternate reality in the SCA, but now I have to wonder whether I’ll be allowed to be proud of any of it. 

This is all just whining, but all of this attacked me at once yesterday afternoon.  I’m not handling it very well, as you might notice.

Eh, it can’t rain every day.


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