Posted: July 23, 2008 in Uncategorized
I’m sure you’ve noticed that I wax poetic every once in a while.  Flowery and verbose prose is coaxed forth from my keyboard, and the rapid thudding of the keystrokes carve a window into the recesses of my mind.

Y’know… like that.  Anyway, I was tasked with writing a poem for my lit class and since I have a blog, I figured I’d share.

Hyaline Prison
There’s a quicksilver puddle on the wall
Smooth and yet sharp
It cuts your façade to shreds

Pose in its savage light
Your golden skin and honeyed hair
Flat green eyes full of dread

Dead eyes transfix
A black heart beats back
How are you so easily corrupted?

Unendurable and withering
The only escape is destruction
A hammer-blow and crystal rain and you are released

So there it is.  I know it’s awfully angsty and juvenile, but Emerson I ain’t.  I was thinking I’d crank out the rest of the two-dollar words and overblown phrases and ideas in my head, and they’d likely end up here.  I’ll try to mitigate the pretentiousness of it all by putting something meaningful up between each one.


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