There’s More to It

Posted: July 29, 2008 in Uncategorized
There’s more to a lot of the things I’ve posted.  Especially that calm meditation on a disagreement…
Anyway, here’s the counterpart to that other crappy poem I wrote.

Composite Redemption

Fragments that belong to you

Kindness leaks from some

Others restrain corruption


Duality in nature

Yet you claim only the good

The darkened shards have beauty all their own


Soul binds one sliver to the next

Every piece of a natural whole

All of one half is easily broken


Obsidian fragments embedded

I am not part of that darkness

To be whole is to be human

Sorry about the formatting…  that’s what I get for C&Ping with reckless abandon.  I’ll get to work on the second half of the other thing too, but after homework.


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