There’s no I in Team

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

Camaraderie is a magical thing.  It is one of a very few French words I really
like.  The ties that bind me to my fellow
fighters or my team in any given competition are strong.  In fact, I came to the conclusion recently
that I maintain my circle of friends based heavily on who I have engaged in
competition with or alongside.  It really
doesn’t matter so much to me what the contest is.  The Lunaticks have all had many opportunities
to save my hide on the field or die in the charge I lead.  I trust those guys because of that, and we
are all friends at the end because when that Knight on the enemy line is
pounding our shields with a spear, we all live together or we all die
alone.  Heck, Halo is the same way.  You get into a firefight, and your buddy with
the long rifle has your back so you make it out alive.

I have seen camaraderie receive a harsh wound this last
weekend.  In the context of the SCA,
House de la Rosa challenged House Goldstar to the annual fight.  Goldstar took it verrrry srsly.  27 fighters rolled out onto the dusty field
on Saturday to make sure that there would be a fight.  House de la Rosa managed to cough up two
fighters.  These two lonely soldiers
faced down one of the more ferocious houses in the SCA, and the result was

In the aftermath, Jonas sat slumped where he had
fallen.  I didn’t talk to him, but I wish
I had been able.  He has the heart of a
lion, and the fierce joy that burns in my heart when I fight shines in his eyes
as well.  That day though, his
shield-mates let him down in a way that no one deserves.  I get that sometimes real life intrudes on
our little game, but this was unconscionable. 
The challenge should have been rescheduled.  It was just so brutal to see the two de la
Rosa warriors let down in such a way. 
Worse yet, it didn’t occur to me at the time that I should stand with
them.  I could have…

  1. Sabrina says:

    I believe that we don’t always know what is right… and then when it comes to us, we are stricten with guilt. However, no one would expect you to pass a test on a subject you’ve never encountered. So there is your crash course….next time, you’ll ace it.

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