This’ll Teach You People to Ask Questions!

Posted: September 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

Lately, more than a few people have asked me, “What do you
find attractive?”  They haven’t all been
worded the exact same way, but you get the picture.   I hate this line of questioning for several
reasons.  First, I feel like it’s some
sort of trap to get me to say something offensive.  If one waits long enough, I’ll do that anyway
so I feel that trapping me like that is not only cruel, but unnecessary.  Second, maybe it’s none of your damned
business.  If I’m into some kind of weird
fetish (and I probably am), you don’t need to know unless you’re into me.  Lastly, I really didn’t know exactly what
draws my eye.  Once I could admit that
last part was truth, it behooved me to figure it out.

My Human Sexuality class was what did it.  When people asked before, I could always
deflect the conversation toward something else. 
I’m quite good at misdirection and distraction when I want to be.  When my instructor asked, I couldn’t duck it
anymore.  Being put on the spot with a
GPA I’m proud of on the line, it was time to force out the beginnings of a
legitimate answer.  I ended up mumbling a
preference for curves and a smile.  There
is more to it than that.  The next class
session, I admitted that, “I’m more of a butt man, myself.”   It’s
true:  I love a woman who can fill out a
pair of jeans.  That being said, I do
still appreciate a well-formed set of boobs. 
I just don’t need much more than a face-full.  I don’t think I’m alone in liking a girl who
is capable of some athleticism, but a stick-figure holds no interest for me.

A girl’s face is always what does me in or not.  I like eyes that can be described as bright
and sparkling.  I like lips… well I like
lips period.  They don’t have to be
super-thick, but they should feel plush. 
I often end up crushing on girls with a very fey aspect about them.  It’s hard to describe exactly how this
works…  The pictures in my head are clear
but defy description by mere words. 
Instead of dwelling on how to do the impossible, I’ll declare a
moratorium on further discussion of physical appearance.

Personality counts for a lot.  Just a few years ago that statement would be
totally alien to me.  I get it now
though.  The most important part of the personality is that
her strengths counter my weaknesses.  
Ideally this would go both ways, because man do I like to feel useful.   Last, but not even close to least, the sense of humor has to be there.  She doesn’t have to laugh at all of my jokes (I know they aren’t all that funny), but it would be nice if she made me laugh.

So there it is.  Is it
a clear picture?  Probably not, but it’s
as good as its getting right now.

  1. Roberta says:

    Just tell them ME… cuz I have it all!!! Hahahaha!

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