The Sun Will Come Again

Posted: October 2, 2008 in Uncategorized

I get the feeling that the world somehow knew that I was in
trouble.  Things are harsh all over the
place, and my tiny (and yet very important to me) corner of the world is no
exception.  I was not handling it
well.  Hell, maybe I’m still not.  My spirits are lifted though, and a large
part of the reason is that someone explained to me that I fucking suck at
managing my budget.  For some reason, I
was ignoring that fairly simple fact. 
Maybe I just couldn’t see the forest because of all of the trees
blocking my view.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter why I didn’t know.  It only matters that I know now.  

There is more news:  I
may have an ‘in’ at Gamestop.  I know
that the position is only seasonal, but the fact is that my dollars aren’t
going very far and I need income. 
Honestly, I’m looking forward to it; if I work hard, I may be able to
trick them into keeping me after the holiday season.  I have some friends who run a game store in
Denver who must be uneasy without knowing why, but I’m sure they’ll understand.

There is news beyond that: 
I asked a Knight for his ‘A’ game at fighter practice.  He wasn’t using his best weapon style, but he
is no slouch in the Florentine (two-weapon) style either.  He says I did well, and that I’m getting
ready to break out of the plateau I’ve been riding in my fighting arts.  That alone is cause for celebration.  On a related note, I got to talk to my
Knight.  Sadly, he has been too busy to
fight, but he is getting his Master’s in School Administration or some such.  I’m sure that the baby is keeping him and his
wonderful wife on their toes too!

School is going well for me. 
The minor disaster I had in my Psych class is in fact minor.  I’ll still be able to do fine in the
class.  A couple of the other students in
that class have agreed to conspire together so that we all may do well.  There is nothing shady about this; it is
merely a study group.  My classmates in
my Art History class seem to respect me as well.  One woman went so far as to suggest that I
seem more knowledgeable than the instructor. 
This is surely not true (at least in the context of the class), but is
flattering all the same.

I still need to consult a financial panther and having a job
isn’t quite a foregone conclusion, but things are brighter.  I just need to keep my head down and inch
toward daylight.

  1. Roberta says:

    The sun is always out here in Florida… it makes sleeping difficult! I love you and miss you and I know it will straighten out… it always does for beautiful blond children! Hoe is gonna be principle HOE!!!

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