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Posted: October 7, 2008 in Uncategorized
I stayed up terribly late last night.  It may or may not have been my fault, by which I mean I should ease off the Mountain Dew after 9 PM if I’m not going to marathon-game.  Anyway, this morning I went outside to head to class and my car was gone.  I know where I parked it, and it wasn’t there.  The sense of unreality set in as I walked toward the street.  My car had been moved somehow down to the end of the block.  Nothing was gone, and the doors were locked… but it was moved.  There was a construction crew at work nearby, and I’m beginning to suspect that they used machinery to lift my car and put it down somewhere else.  Weird, huh?

On to what this is really about:  I’m considering writing a story that fills in the gaping holes in TimeShift‘s plot.  I almost have no choice about writing it, since the idea has had all day to fester in my skull.  If I do this, should I post each chapter as I complete it, or just do the whole thing and stick it in my file-share (look down and to the right)?  Basically, would anyone care to read it?

  1. Heidi says:

    weird car……just gets up and walks away!!!
    anyhow, i want to read your timeshift story!!!!  i don’t know what holes there were in the video game but i want to read!!!
    ps. i don’t care how you post it though……

  2. Deandra says:

    cars do that all the time–haven’t you seen Transformers?um…Justin?  When I was there Sat there were signs all over the place that said "No Parking this block, vehicles will be towed."  In fact one was directly in front of your house….Btw:  I can’t believe you even think you have to ASK!  We’d LOVE to read your stuff!  Post what you can when you can!

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