My Belt Kind of is.

Posted: November 7, 2008 in Mental health, SCA

I have a friend who is bound and determined to get me into a
doublet.  For those not in the know, a
doublet is Elizabethan-era clothing.
Anyway, the words “belt” and “unnecessary” were used in the same
sentence.  Ordinarily, this is no
problem.  After all, it’s not like the
outfit requires a belt for any reason.
The thing is, my belt has saved my life.

If I glaze over the details, it is because I’ve already
discussed some aspects of this matter at great length.

The belt I’m talking about is the most common symbol of a
squire’s relationship with a Knight of the SCA.
My Knight took me on as a squire at a particularly critical time in my
life.  The day I became a squire was the
day my mom chose to end her own life.

Family serves as an anchor.
Whatever else is going on in life, you can pretty much count on your
family to stand by you.  I know there are
exceptions, but stick with me on this.
The loss of a family member is hard, and unusual circumstances, do no
favors.  So it was that when such a
substantial tie was cut, I had this piece of red leather to hang on to.

For a lot of squires, the belt represents a choice to walk
the path to Knighthood.  There is no
worthier goal, as even a play-knight can represent the best of us.  For me, the red belt is an anchor and a
reminder.  At first, I questioned the
uncanny ability for my Knight to call when things were bad.  I’m bad at communicating, so he’d be
hard-pressed to spy on me properly.  Recently,
I’ve come to accept that the belt is like a life preserver.  Whenever life threatens to overwhelm, the
people on the end of my belt will give a tug and pull me back from the brink.

My squire’s belt may not be an integral part of any
outfit.  It is a necessary reminder
though.  The feel of it tied around me is
an ever-present reminder of a precious gift that I have been given that works
so long as I just hold on a little longer.
Belts may not be necessary in general, but mine kind of is.

Next post on Monday.  Have a good weekend!

  1. Roberta says:

    Belt on or off we will always be here to bring you back… if you want to wear the belt to remind you that is fine… or you can just look to either side of you and you will see us all standing there at your side (even from 2000 miles away)!

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