Posted: November 10, 2008 in Fighting, SCA
Outlands Coronation was Saturday.  King Boleslav and Queen Astridr stepped down, and Prince Alrik and Princess Salomea stepped up.  As an accompaniment of this dog-and-pony show, all the retinue positions changed, so I got to give back the Flower of Chivalry sash.  Disappointed?  You bet.  But, we can be sure that it went to a worthy replacement.

The Queen’s Champion Tournament was held that day, and I fought, but was still out in two rounds.  My first fight was Don Charles; we went to 4 fights because of a shot that looked bad to the audience, and he bested me.  My second round was Li, who did very well in the last Crown Tournament and is an excellent fighter.  He didn’t give me his tournament-level game, but that is ok.  As I fought him, I don’t really know who was controlling my body.  I don’t feel like it was me.  My offensive maneuvers were still my run-of-the-mill fare, but my body got creative when it came to defending myself.  There were several times when I had no idea what happened, but I know I didn’t get hit.  I’m told it looked quite pretty.  This bears some investigating, as I’ve been removed from my body twice in two days now.

I’m sorry this is so short.  I have a lot to do for tomorrow.  Next post is Wednesday.

  1. Roberta says:

    My 2 cents… Li sucks! All he does as throw as much shit at you as he can and never actually puts and technique into it! I would love an MRI of his shoulder now and one in 5 years! He just throws and prays something lands! He is sloppy and not even worth watching… just my experience, which is limited! Love you!

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