It’s the Network

Posted: November 14, 2008 in Computers and Internet, Fighting, SCA
The blue screen of death (hereafter referred to as the BSD) is no one’s friend.  Instead of writing last night, I spent the evening determining that the wireless network was crashing my computer.  I really have no idea why, but I’m on a different network now.  Since I didn’t devote any time to the topic I was originally going to use today, I’ll talk about fighting.

Duke Maelgwyn has introduced us to a new defensive tactic that has been worked out.  It seems best suited for defending a gate about 10 feet wide, and is pretty novel by SCA standards.  It is being called the Bear Claw in the northern Outlands.  I’ll spare the details, except to say that it works pretty well, at least on a smaller scale.  They’ll be trying it out for the first time on a large scale at Estrella this coming year (without me).

Anyway, more on this stuff later.  I have a series of disasters to mitigate.


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