A Lean Machine

Posted: January 13, 2009 in Work
I have good news.  I am being considered for a promotion at work (already!).  The downside is that I would move to a different store, but that really isn’t much of a downside.  I’d get paid more, and not be the bottom rung of the ladder.  Sure, there will be added responsibility, but I’m a machine.  I can handle it, as long as I make a few changes.  I seem to be losing weight, and not only in the areas I wanted to.  As I got into the shower this morning, I noticed that I look substantially thinner than I have in some time.  My torso is looking leaner, but my muscle definition is lacking.  This is a visual sign of a two-fold problem.  The reason that I’m constantly ravenous recently is that I tend to forget to eat before work, then I don’t have time or money at work, and finally I’m too tired to bother with anything after work.  The Machine isn’t getting the fuel it needs to function properly.  It’s true that I have a greater energy expenditure, so I’d probably be losing girth anyway, but this is almost like starving.  I’m going to have to improve and increase my intake of food.  I’ll also have to start working out again to restore my upper body’s musculature and potentially improve it, but I planned on that anyway.  Maybe if I start eating enough, I won’t be so damn tired all the time.

In other news, Lance’s generosity allowed me to beat Deadspace.  I’m thinking I’d like to talk about it, but there would be spoilers.  I’ll probably write something about it soon, but any feedback about whether you care is welcome.


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