Posted: February 23, 2009 in Work
I was doing a floorset tonight, which went down in kind of a weird way, but I don’t want to talk too much about work on the internet. I hear you can get canned for that kind of thing. Anyway, when I left, I hopped into my car and started driving. It was unusually windy inside my car, so I checked my windows. The passenger window had been pulled down. Fuck. Panic time. I had left my Zune on the passenger seat, covered by a shirt. It was still there. My heart restarted, and I got out to pull the window up again. My armor bag strap was hanging out of the trunk. I know I didn’t do that. Panic time again. I popped the trunk, and all of my stuff seemed to be there. Not that anyone would have any use for the incredibly smelly and battered kit I have anyway, but still. Heart restarted. The real irritation in all of this: I have to fix my window tomorrow before work. I can’t have people just popping in to see if I forgot to take my valuables out of my car again. The consolation prize is that they didn’t push the window all the way down into the door. I would have needed to take apart the door just to roll it up if they had.

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