I’m a DAMN good ninja!

Posted: April 11, 2009 in Gaming, Mental health, Work

There is a certain amount of hype around me. I tend to discount it because I have some issues with my sense of self worth, and every once in a while that irritates people. There is hope, however. Recently, I’ve had some legitimate success. I ran a game last night that was extremely well-received (to the point that maybe I don’t want it to be a one-time thing). I made a good impression on the District Manager at work, with the exception of the pants I wore that day. For the record, I didn’t have any other clean pants; the shift I covered superseded the free time I had earmarked for doing laundry. I had several downright stunning fights at practice on Thursday, although they did not end up on film like I had hoped. And the crown jewel (so far) of this roll I’m on: Today I had the best shift accountability that I’ve ever seen anyone have at work. If that doesn’t get someone’s attention, I don’t know what will! The whole thing blew my mind to the point that I’m certain there’s a math error, but I can’t find one. I had an average sale amount of $50.05, and an average item count of 4.4. Our standing goal is $30 and 3 items.

There is an interpersonal element at work here as well. People around me continue to tell me how nice I am (I never feel like I’m being all that nice), or how good a job I’m doing (with me deflecting credit toward others). An old friend of mine called me a class act last night, and that meant an awful lot to me. Much more than I ever would have expected. Every once in a while, I get a reminder that my friends actually are reading my blithering, and that is flattering as well.

I’m proud of my recent successes, and I’m grateful for all the good vibes my friends are giving me. It makes me feel like it’s possible to be good enough.

  1. Roberta says:

    You rock everyone’s socks and I am always the first to let you know it! Corinne says you are ‘THE GREATEST AND A WIENER!!!’ … can’t get any better than that!

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