Posted: May 14, 2009 in Fiction, Steel

So I got out of the shower and I had a good idea. It’s not presented in its entirety for two reasons. 1: I can probably stretch it into a couple of posts. 2: My creativity waned so I’ll be finishing it when I get out of the shower tomorrow. For now, please enjoy. Also, please feel free to tell me what you think.

Wade reached down and turned on the faucet. The black rubber hose went taut as the water filled it, and a tiny geyser squirted out where a pressure nozzle attached at the end. Wade grabbed the nozzle, and dragged the hose across the plush green grass of the lawn. He passed through a crater in the yard and stepped onto the driveway. He yanked the hose one more time to give himself some slack and opened the nozzle. Water gushed out, making a splattering noise as it impacted the machine. Splash-back dotted his jumpsuit, which hung off of Wade’s waist. It was ninety degrees out, terrible weather for wearing a black long-sleeved garment of any kind. Wade smiled and stepped closer. He needed a bath anyway. Water ran in rivulets down his lean frame and the stainless steel of the machine. The main mass of the device was ovoid, with axles protruding near the top to produce artificial shoulders. Each arm was roughly human shaped, but terminated in massive, three-fingered claws. The top of the gleaming egg had a cluster of cameras on a swiveling mount, as well as a small set of antennae. The bottom had a shaft extending to a set of artificial hips. The legs were each intricate sets of hydraulic rams ending in feet that only touched the ground at four points apiece. Silt and mud pooled at the feet, and the sun glinting off the robot was dazzling.

As Wade sprayed down both himself and the robot, a white jeep pulled up to the curb in front of the single story white house. A woman stepped out, took a look at Wade, and laughed. “Are you washing that thing off, or just playing?” she asked. Wade chuckled.

“Quiet, woman, or I’ll turn the hose on ya!”

“Don’t you dare, mister! I just got this dress!” She twirled, letting the yellow sundress flare out around her. “You like?”

“I love it,” Wade grinned. He leaned in carefully so as not to get Iris’ new dress wet and kissed her. “I was just cleaning up Sally, here. I’ll be in in a few minutes. Promise.”

“You on call tonight?” Iris asked.

“Yeah,” Wade sighed. Iris frowned, and went back to the jeep. She reached in through the passenger window and pulled out a bag.

“I got dinner. You think they’ll leave you alone long enough to eat?”

“Probably,” he smiled.

“Good,” Iris said, and went inside.

Wade turned off the nozzle on the end of the hose and coiled it around one lean but muscular arm as he walked over to the faucet. The handle turned off with a squeak, and the tiny geyser on the nozzle faded to a trickle. He dropped the coiled hose and reached into his damp pocket, retrieving a tiny black box on a set of keys. He pushed a button, and “Sally” beeped twice. Satisfied, he turned and entered the house.

The few minutes ahead of him that Iris had come in were more than ample time to flood the small house with the smell of fried chicken. Wade loved fried chicken. He stood in the doorway and unlaced his boots. As he removed one and then the other, they each fell to the grey carpeted floor with a thump. He finished unzipping his black jumpsuit, and peeled the sodden garment off. Wade tossed it in the corner with a slap. He stretched to his full six feet and spread his arms. He loved his job but that robot wasn’t especially roomy. He looked down and sighed. He remembered his glory days of being carved in stone, and the slight thickening of his midsection was a sure sign that he’d have to hit the gym. He was still in excellent shape though, so he didn’t contemplate for too long. He heard Iris tapping away at the keyboard, so he knew he had a few minutes to finish cleaning up before dinner.

Now nude, Wade walked past the kitchen down the hallway that led to the bedroom. The bathroom was about halfway down the hall, and the shower called his name. Not one to disappoint a waiting hot shower, Wade opened the blue flowery shower curtain and stepped into the tub. He turned on the two knobs to a well-memorized position that would get him the water temperature he desired and waited. The water pressure didn’t slowly build; rather, it came out of the showerhead like a fist. An ice-cold fist. Wade’s jaw clenched. The water temperature shifted dramatically, and became scalding. Wade gritted his teeth. Finally it leveled out at a tolerable temperature, and Wade relaxed. He grabbed the bottle of shampoo Iris had bought. She said it’d be good for his short black hair, but he seriously couldn’t tell the difference. As he ran his fingers through his hair, he felt the round metal receiver behind his left ear that let him plug his mind into Sally. He let the shampoo sit in his hair while he used the body soap that Iris had picked out for him. Once again, he didn’t really care, but she was the one who had to like the way he smelled. He rinsed off and grabbed his towel off the towel-rod.

Wade was still drying when Iris poked her head into the foggy bathroom. “Hey, Stud. You hungry or what?”

“Yeah, babe. I’m almost done in here.” He wrapped the towel around his waist. “Lemme get some pants on.”

“Aww, too bad,” she winked. “I’ll get plates out.”

“You’re the best, you know”

“Yeah, I do know.” Iris disappeared into the kitchen.

Wade stepped into a pair of blue sweatpants with holes in the knees and pulled a white tank top over his head. He stared into the mirror for just a moment, and pale green eyes stared back. “No wonder she can’t resist me,” he murmured. Then he laughed and shuffled off to the kitchen. Isis had already made him a plate when he got to the table. He kissed her. “You didn’t have to do that,” he said.

“I know,” she replied.

He gazed at her. She was a natural brunette, with straight hair cut short to follow her jaw-line, although it was much longer in the front. Her eyes were a warm chocolate, and her features were very fey. Iris blushed a little under the scrutiny. “I really do like the dress,” Wade said. She smiled and took a big bite out of her chicken. Suddenly, there was a frantic beeping from the other room. Wade rolled his eyes. “Figures,” he muttered. He took his own massive bite of chicken, then set the plate down and hurried off to the bedroom.

“Damn them,” Iris said to herself as she watched Wade run off to get changed. Why couldn’t there be more than two people in the state that could pass the pilot’s exams for that damn robot? She continued to eat in the living room on the couch while Wade thumped around in the bedroom. Iris spotted the soggy jumpsuit on the floor by the door, and frowned again. Now wasn’t the time to be mad about that, but it still irked her. Still, at least he didn’t track muddy water through the whole house. Wade came dashing out of the bedroom in a clean black jumpsuit, and skittered to a stop at the door. He plopped down and laced up his boots, the grabbed his wet clothes and dashed back to the bedroom. Iris smiled.

Wade bounced back out of the bedroom and halted in front of Iris. “Off to save the world. Love you ,” he said.

“Make sure you come home. I love you too, honey.” Iris kissed him, and patted his behind as he dashed out the door. He pushed a button on his remote and Sally beeped, then hissed. The robot had been in the equivalent of a slouch before, but now the legs went rigid and its posture became a crouch. The egg hissed and opened to reveal the pilot’s chair and controls. Wade jumped up into the seat and spun into the grooves. He reached back and found a cable that hung down by his head. He stuck the plug into the jack behind his ear. Abruptly, his vision was overlaid with red text and symbols feeding tactical information from Sally and Dispatch. He typed his pass-code on to a keypad and Sally’s body closed. Wade took in the information flickering behind his eyes. Bank robbery in progress. Suspects heavily armed. He hadn’t had one of these in a while. Usually it was a bad car accident that required heavy lifting, or an apartment fire. Sally stood to her full fourteen feet and stretched, at Wade’s urging. The diagnostics read “all systems go,” but Wade liked to check for himself. Sally’s weight shifted forward, and she stepped into the crater in the front lawn. Wade always jumped from the same place, and never from the driveway. Not since the first time, when he’d turned the pavement into a spider’s web of cracks and fissures. Iris had been unhappy with that, but then again, so had he.

Wade maneuvered the three ton robot so that it was facing downtown and went into a low crouch. In the blink of an eye, pressure gathered in the hydraulics, and pistons fired. The feet pressed down hard, and the crater got a few inches deeper. The stainless steel giant shot into the air.

* * *

The bank was a looming grey building with alternating bands of glass and stone. It had a revolving door flanked by two sets of regular doors. Most days there would be a steady stream of people entering and leaving, and most nights it would be deserted. This particular evening found this particular bank surrounded by squad cars. There were two concentric rings of police cars as Wade descended toward the scene. Sally’s enhanced cameras showed him a reflected view of the inside ring of cruisers. Every one of them was riddled with bullet holes. That would explain the two rings, he thought to himself. Sally also showed him that the second floor was missing a set of windows on this side of the building. His most recent jump was bringing him down right between the circles of cars. Sally hit the ground with a thump, and the pavement promptly buckled. “Officers, I’ll be taking it from here. Please secure the area.” He hated giving the speech. The blues already knew what to do when they called in Wade.

Wade decided he’d been spotted. Sally wasn’t the one who clued him in though. The second floor was alight with flickering lights and bullets were chiming off of the plating on most parts of his robot. It was only a matter of time before they brought out something bigger. He knew it was coming, because they didn’t interrupt his dinner with his wife for anything less.

To be continued. I promise that I’m not just trying to do the cliff-hanger thing to keep you coming back. Although the thought had crossed my mind…

  1. Roberta says:

    Ooooo… I like it… can I have sum smut too? I like smut! I always read books that are super gushy romance crap or kid books! I know you love the anit-hero but I usually hate the anti-hero! Don’t kill anyone… I am probably not the audience for this story but I love to read anything from you! Keep it up!

  2. Sylvera says:

    It’s pretty good. If you can keep me reading past the first two sentences then you have done a good job.

  3. Sylvera says:

    when’s the rest coming?Or atleast more?

  4. Alana says:

    Waiting for the conclusion…! I want to see what happens.

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