Steel, Part Two

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Fiction, Steel

I’ve been working on a lot of things lately, so I’m sorry it took so long for me to get more of this written. Thanks to everyone who read the last part. Hopefully this second installment will not disappoint. If you didn’t read the first part, scroll down a bit. This will make a lot more sense if you read it.

Elsewhere, Iris turned on the television. The news had cut in on a reality-television show. Iris chuckled to herself as the notice scrolled across the screen. The irony was not lost on her. Her smile faded though as she figured out what she was looking at. Footage from a helicopter on the scene showed a familiar iridescent giant crouched between two concentric rings of police cars. There was no sound, but it looked as though a swarm of fireflies had come to rest on the robot. The reporter was saying “… looks as though the robbers have now opened fire on the SWAT officer with small arms. The city has thus far declined to release any technical information on the new equipment, so we don’t know what will happen.” Iris knew more than the reporter at this point, but only because the “new equipment” sat in her garage at night. She watched as Wade and Sally stood and turned to face the building. Suddenly, a stream of smoke shot out of the building. As the line of burned propellant connected the bank building to Sally, fire erupted. Iris covered her mouth. Nothing was visible in the cloud of smoke for a moment, but then an armored claw emerged and plunged into the nearest police cruiser.

“They shot me with a rocket.” Wade was irritated now. He had just washed Sally, and there was going to be a whole new set of scorch marks that he would have to scrub off. He dug Sally’s claw into the nearest police cruiser. Normally, the city wouldn’t like this, but the car had been perforated by gunfire already. Insurance claims were no doubt being filed as fast as the news broke. He’d never seen a man-portable rocket launcher be reloaded in less than ten seconds, so he counted. He could see the man re-shoulder the oversized weapon. As the criminal took aim again, Wade rotated Sally’s upper body in a complete circle and released the cop car. Metal screeched as Sally’s claw ripped free of the sheet metal, and Wade’s stomach churned. He hated spinning like that. The man with the rocket launcher pulled the trigger right as the police cruiser took flight; the rocket connected with the car, transforming it from regular wreckage flying toward him into burning wreckage flying toward him. The blazing hulk hit the defenseless man like a meteor, burying him in a landslide of cubicle and automotive components, all on fire.

Wade didn’t wait to see what was next. He spurred Sally into a crouch and leapt into the building. The last thing the news copter could see was a streak of quicksilver vanishing into the gap left by the thrown car. “Drop your weapons,” Wade commanded over the loudspeaker. Even as he said it, he realized he could not see anyone. He switched to Sally’s thermal sight. “There you are,” he whispered. Four red blobs crouched behind as many desks on the far left side of the room. Wade reached out and started clearing a path through the office furniture and partitions with Sally’s massive claws. He switched his optics back to standard. “You are under arrest,” Wade proclaimed. One of the men popped up from behind his cover holding a rifle with what looked like a dish antenna on the end. A thick cord ran from the dish to a bulky rectangular bag at the man’s hip. He squeezed the trigger.

Wade’s vision went dark. There was no more overlay of information in his vision. He could feel Sally pitch to one side and fall. The big machine came to a rest on its left side, hydraulic arms and legs akimbo. “What the hell?” Wade cursed as he flipped power switches off and reset Sally’s breakers. He counted slowly to ten for the second time in as many minutes, and then flipped the main power switch back to the “on” position. The comforting hum of renewed mechanical activity was music to Wade’s ears. He had another problem though… It took five minutes to boot up Sally.

Outside the scorched shell, four heavily armed men in ski masks and flak jackets scurried out from behind the desks with armloads of gear. Among that gear was a large and heavy circular saw. The blade protruded out of the front and had no safety guard. The whole saw assembly was mounted much like a chainsaw. As the bank robber approached the fallen metal giant, he revved the saw up to full speed. It whined like a hurt puppy, but the pitch dropped an octave as he touched the blade to the surface of the egg that housed Wade. The now-lower whine was accompanied by a rooster’s tail of sparks being launched into the trench dug by the thrown car. The other three men took up defensive positions while they waited for the fourth to finish.

I know, it’s another cliff-hanger. This was just the cleanest place to break for the time being, as I have to be off to work. More as soon as I can make it happen.

  1. Roberta says:

    gay, gay, gay… I don’t like the cliff-hangers… it is crap that my entertainment is halted by your work schedule! LAME! I like the story though and I still love you!

  2. Sylvera says:

    Does not dissapoint.

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