Steel, part 7

Posted: August 7, 2009 in Fiction, Steel

Consider this a bonus episode. I wasn’t going to post so soon, and I did want to make this longer, but I’m just going to go ahead and put it out now. I don’t work today per se, but I have to go in to gather intel on my next trip to Utah. I get to spend a whopping 1 day at my home store before I leave again. I’ll try to get out of the mall and hotel room and take some pictures this time. I promise!

Wade sat in a grassy field. A cool breeze caressed his face, and warm sunshine poured over him. The air smelled like ginger. I haven’t had cookies in a long time, he thought. He stood, feeling the fresh grass crunch beneath his bare feet. His leg hurt. He looked down, but couldn’t see anything wrong. When he looked up again, Iris was there. Her chestnut hair swirled in the breeze from her wings. She floated toward him and gathered him into her pale arms. Wade stared into the pools of molten chocolate, and for a moment they blinked red. He looked again, and her eyes drifted closed. She tilted her head up and kissed him. Her lips were warm and soft against his, and he could feel her tongue brush his. Fireworks exploded somewhere in the back of his head. He tried to reach around and embrace her, but only his right arm would move. He ran his hand down her back to her waist and held her close. Wade could hear a beeping in the distance, but he ignored it. He broke off the kiss and looked at Iris again. A tear was rolling down her cheek. He tried to brush it away, but his left hand still wasn’t working. The beeping got louder, and the sky began to cloud over rapidly. Iris leaned in close and whispered, “You aren’t home yet.” Wade opened his mouth to speak, but could only croak. He tried to inhale again, and his chest blazed with a white pain. The clouds were nearly black now, and the sun was gone. The fireworks in his head intensified. “Come home to me, Wade,” Iris whispered. Trails of sparks in the fireworks started to form letters. In moments, they spelled out a message. The rest of the world faded to black and only the vermillion letters in the sky were left. It read, “Operator, please wake up.”

Suddenly Wade knew exactly why he couldn’t move his hand, and why he couldn’t breathe. His leg hurt for the same reason. He touched his face with his right hand, and it came away wet and sticky. The remaining fog in his mind scattered before his anger. Those bastards had shot him! “Sally, where are we?” he croaked. The beeping stopped, and a map appeared in his head. “Why can’t we see?” A 10 second long replay of the man with the EMP gun played. Wade gritted his teeth. “I think I’ve had enough of these guys.” Concentrating, he directed Sally to get up. The robot clanked as it hit the bottom of the dumpster with its head, then again when the powerful hydraulic arms braced against it and lifted. The heavy steel box lifted off the ground as though it were made of plastic, then popped into the air. Sally staggered to one side, and the container crashed to the ground beside her. The sensor cluster spun around, then stopped. The rest of the robot reoriented under the immobile cameras, and strode over to a stack of bags of concrete. “This ought to do it,” Wade said to no one in particular. Sally’s gleaming claw engulfed one of the bags, and turned again. “Come on, Sally. Let’s go find these guys.”

I know 500 words is kind of a short hallucination, but I wanted to do it and I wanted to end it before I screwed it up. I plan on wrapping this up kind of soon, but what that means exactly is uncertain. Is this just an action scene in a much longer story, or is a short story with a focus on action and no real message to be found within? I dunno. I guess I’ll find out just before you do.

  1. Roberta says:

    I wanna find out first!

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