Posted: March 5, 2010 in Mental health
I’ve been spoiled.  For a while, all the good things in my life have just fallen in my lap.  Now though – I find myself having to fight to gain any ground at all.  It’s good for me though.  I remember the satisfaction of having earned things even though it’s a faint and distant memory.  *Cracks knuckles*  Well, World, if you want a fight, you came to the right place.

Also, Pablo has returned to real life.  He deleted WoW from his computer and quit smoking marijuana.  I’m proud of him, and I’m glad he’s back.

  1. Sabrina says:

    Yay!! Pablo is back in the real world! That is really great news! Also…I am sure the world is not ready for the fight you are about to give it. Best of luck.

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