Posted: August 11, 2010 in Family, Fighting, Gaming, Love, Work

So the creative juices have started flowing.  I’m sure it helps that I’ve been pretty up-and-down as of late.  Other things that might be contributing:  I’ve been intentionally trying to use words my coworkers don’t know; I hadn’t played a roleplaying game in quite some time; and I’ve been spending a lot of energy trying to understand people and events in my life.  I read somewhere about find a barrier and healing it with a wound.  I love that line.  Finding the barrier to all the things I enjoy and healing it with a wound.  It speaks to my admittedly violent side.

I’ve started running this Deadlands game, and it’s going quite well.  My players haven’t read any of the source material, so the min/maxing is at a minimum for now.  They haven’t read all the setting info or the monster descriptions either, so it’s like seeing a familiar friend through new eyes.  I’m enjoying describing all these beasts and places while deliberately avoiding naming them.  Who knows?  The names that the players come up with for this stuff may be more colorful or better suited anyway.  One of my players is even chronicling the game in a journal written from the perspective of her character.  I will have to collect and post her entries in my fileshare.

Also, I have a son now.  I haven’t posted since quite some time before he was born.  His name is Julian Lee.  He’s beautiful.  Last night, he was in quite a mood; I’m convinced that at some point he straight up forgot why he was crying.  He just kept doing it to do it.  We are going to have to take him to the doctor for a corrective procedure.  He’s got something called sagittal synostosis.  Life-threatening?  No, but it does need taken care of.  I’m told the procedure is minimally invasive and only requires an overnight stay in the hospital.

Lastly, I have let go of the idea that there is someone out there just for me.  I think it’s better this way, because I need to be able to focus my all-too-limited time on the stuff I’ve already got going on.  I work.  I fight.  I run a game.  I take care of my boy.  This doesn’t leave a lot of time for trying to woo people that I’ll end up losing interest in anyway.  I’m okay with it.

There is plenty more that has or is happening, but each deserves its own post.  Even the stuff I mention in passing is worthy of far more discussion.  I suppose this is the consequence of not posting in so long.  Well, that, and being pretty certain that no one reads this site anymore anyway.  I remember when I tried to keep a schedule.  Maybe I’ll try to get back into that.

  1. Shyloh says:

    OMG you have a son!?!?!? Haha he is devilishly handsome like his daddy.

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