Posted: August 12, 2010 in Work

I worked my first day at the Southwest Plaza PacSun yesterday. It was a good day. I got all misty-eyed at lunch when I went around to some of the places that I used to frequent when I worked for Charlotte Russe. I ate at Cali Burger, which was a staple of my diet 6 months ago. My friend Gabrielle was still there, and her smile was still radiant as I remember it. The food was tasty too, but I came to the realization that I won’t be able to eat there unless they put a couple of healthier options on the menu. I’ve made great strides in cleaning up my act, and I won’t give that progress up.

I wandered around the mall a bit on my lunch break, and as luck would have it, Karlie was working at the pet store still. She was on her way out and we only talked briefly, but it was good to see her, nonetheless. I caught her doing a double take and looking me over when she told me I looked good. She may actually have meant it. I gotta say, that surprised me. It felt good; I mean, I have worked pretty hard to be worth a second ogle. It got me thinking though. She hadn’t done that in my line of sight before. Maybe she was genuinely surprised?

I think that this person, and often enough ANY person, will look and see what they expect to see. You get up, go to work, and see the picture you have of your co-workers stored in your mind. It’s like having an image superimposed over the real person. Sometimes it even happens with attitudes. Someone behaves a certain way, and you react the same as always, just because that’s the schema you’ve got in place in your head.

The whole thing made me wonder: How often do I perceive only what I expect to find? How do I clear that particular fog from my mind so that I can see things as they actually are?


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