Posted: August 15, 2010 in Fiction, Gaming

Usually I would make a crack about it being amazing how much one can get done without internet access, but I don’t think that’s the case this time. I’ve been drawing a blank as to what to write about.

-An evening’s rest-

Ok, I got something.

Brick stirred the embers of his fading fire and leaned back on a massive rock. Whatever thing he’d killed and cooked hadn’t been especially delicious, but Brick wasn’t known for his refined tastes. He was capable of enjoying a fine meal, sure, but it wasn’t something to go to war over. The mountain of a man let out a sigh that rolled like thunder within his massive chest. He pulled one leg doubled and rested his gloved hand on his knee. Moonlight glinted off of the ends of threaded posts that protruded from the plate riveted to his glove. When Brick made a fist, that plate became the striking edge of his hand. The man though. Things were simpler when he had the Angel guiding him. Sure, she was using him and the other three to accomplish her goals, but she had goals and a plan. Brick wasn’t much of a planner. He was capable enough, but his mind just wasn’t practiced in those kinds of mental gymnastics. He knew he had his sister to find, and she was on Pandora somewhere, but he had no other leads and no clue where to start. His brow furrowed. He didn’t like thinking like that at night. Despair was a tough foe in the dark.

The night was quiet enough that the sound of engines reached Brick before he could see lights. Too late to snuff the fire, he supposed. Oh well. Only two kinds of people ever bothered him on Pandora: people looking to kill and/or rob him, and more people looking to rob and/or kill him. He got to his feet and tapped a code into the keypad on his storage deck. Its blue light flared and projected an image of a massive rocket launcher. He gripped the handle as the thing became suddenly solid. Anyone else might have toppled to the ground under the weight of the thing, but Brick held it as though it were a pistol. He scanned the blackened desert for headlights.

The warning is a little late, but this is a tiny piece of fanfic for Borderlands. Guess what I saw lying on the floor as I cast my net ever wider for ideas? More where this came from if you like it. I’m thinking I do. At the very least, I’ll finish the scene. For now, off to work.


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