The Plan

Posted: August 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve been eating like crap and missing my regularly scheduled exercise.  I’ve also been drinking way too much.  Now I’m feeling physically sick and emotionally unstable.  You know what’s great about that?  Fucking NOTHING.  I’m no good to anyone in that state.  The only silver lining is that I’m pissed off about it, which means I’ve got a plan to fix it.  

Some of the problem stems from the fact that anyone who wants to hang out with me wants to drink.  It’s true that I love a good beer, but I’m starting to worry that people don’t want to talk to sober Justin anymore.  I also worry that I can’t think of anything to do in this town that doesn’t involve alcohol.  Well, screw that.  

The plan goes thusly:  Eating right again will be easy.  Getting back into old habits is pretty easy; I mean, look how quickly I backslid into boozing.  Finding things to do in town that don’t include drinking will be harder, but I think I have the answer:  I love billiards, and I play poorly when I drink.  I don’t love playing poorly. So I’ll work on my pool game.  Additionally, I’ll acquire a bicycle.  All I really need is a decent frame from a thrift store or pawn shop.  The rest, I can put together myself.  As for hanging out with people, I grow weary of them.  My co-workers, my Deadlands players, and my fighter buddies are all I need.  Besides, I have my non-standard family to spend time with.  I already know all these people are worth my time.  For now, screw all the rest.

The plan is subject to change as I see fit, but I really needed to give myself a starting point.  If I can draw a path to victory, I can sure as hell get there.


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