Team Player

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Fighting, Work

First, work related stuff. My transfer to Southwest Plaza is complete, although I’ll be headed back to Colorado Mills to help out a bit. I love working with my new boss too. She laughs at my stupid jokes. I never realized how important that was to me. One distressing thing about my new store though: people seem to steal from it A LOT. My first day there, I found 8 disabled security tags. The next, I found another 4. I take it very personally when people steal stuff from my store. I mean, that money that walks out the door could be going toward raises for everyone, so these people are actually taking food out of my mouth. It makes a man angry. It seems to be shifting already though, because yesterday I didn’t find any. My boss says that I am excellent at keeping my head on a swivel and that I scan the store so often that it makes her realize she has to step up her game. That’s cool. I’d just as soon not be the easiest mark in the mall to our local shoplifting community. I just wish I was allowed to beat people with the accessibility stick. I’d only need to actually catch one person. The risk of legal repercussions is a long way away, but if you think that getting caught stealing would result in reconstructive surgery of one type or another, I bet you’d reconsider…

Speaking of beating people, I made it to a war practice last Sunday. It was outstanding. I came to possess a lightweight white sleeveless tunic, and decided to wear that instead of my customary black and yellow. I stayed cool all day, despite the heat, but I discovered an accidentally strong resemblance between my getup and that of Altair (of Assassin’s Creed fame). Anyway, we did a lot of small team maneuvers, and a few trends started to show through. Trend number one was that my battlefield awareness has suffered from long disuse. In one of the more hilarious examples of this, I actually forgot who was on which team. I had run off (again) to kill all the spearmen, and when I went to rejoin my unit, I couldn’t recall who they were. I ended up attempting to kill everyone I could reach. I know I got at least two of my own guys in the confusion, but I killed a lot of dudes in that battle. Trend number two was my abysmal communication with my own unit. I’ve become so accustomed to fighting with the Lunaticks that I’ve forgotten to talk. Argyle was at the war practice as well, and he always knew precisely what I was up to, and even when, but he was on the other side half the time. The real trouble was that I totally left my own team hanging a couple of times because I saw an opening and took it without letting anyone know that I was about to disappear on them. The personal heroics are fun, but I do want to be reliable. I don’t like the idea of leaving someone to be crushed any more than I personally want to be left alone and crushed.

So it is that in both my hobby and my profession I need to work on communication and leadership, as well as expanding my awareness. Apparently omniscience is something you have to practice, and my teammates won’t all be telepathic.


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