Posted: January 11, 2011 in Mental health, Steel

I learned recently that I can save things as a PDF from Word. It’s not really an astounding breakthrough or anything. It’s just that I had not previously thought to care. Megan got me a Sony Reader (the pocket sized one!) for Christmas. It’s pretty damn cool, and the primary file types are .epub and .PDF. So it is that I could save something I wrote as a PDF and then put it in my Shared Files folder on Skydrive and make it available for download. That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

I spent the morning before work re-collecting the entirety of “Steel” and saving it on my hard drive. When I lost all my saved documents at the end of 2009, I lost what I was referring to as the master copy of that particular story. Fortunately, I had posted the whole thing in installments on my Windows Live blog. Today, I finally got around to copy-pasting the assorted posts into a single place again. I took out the headers and footers that had current events and whatnot, but that’s all still in each individual post.

Anyway, I saved the whole thing as a PDF and put it on my eReader. I know it’s not exactly a published work, but I got a giddy little thrill out of seeing it in the list of books on my Reader. It’s almost like I’m a real writer! It kind of makes me want to get something to use as cover art. The assorted title pages in Word just don’t convey the excitement, and we all judge books by the cover (we all know you aren’t supposed to, but come on). It occurred to me that I should probably set up a links page for my blog and a folder for things I’m offering as downloads. I’ll get on that when time permits. Right now, I’m concerned with building a backlog. I need at least five days worth of stuff so that I can continue to update every day even while I’m on vacation.

I know this is a bit short, and that my real life is not really of much interest to anyone but me, but screw it. It’s my blog. More cowboys and superheroes and robots and magic tomorrow night. I promise.


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