Lab Rat, Part 3

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

I run with my hands over my groin. It’s awkward going, but I am short on supportive undergarments, and if time and I resume a more normal relationship to each other, I’d rather not expose everything to the world. I had a buddy once who had to register as a sex offender because he was taking a leak in an alley and the cop who busted him saw his equipment. He said the difference between public urination and indecent exposure was reflexes. Weird guy. Dunno whatever happened to him.

I’m making phenomenal time for being on foot. Must be enhanced speed. Too bad. Slowing down time would have been pretty cool. I laugh out loud – I must be a naked blur to the average Joe. Maybe I should just go back to the lab like this. I laugh again. Nah, Ally might not get the joke, and I really like this job. I turn down my street, and go down the stairs. You know how people will pay extra to live up high where there’s a great view? Well I can find a decent view without paying extra, so I don’t. I’ve a highly undesirable place two floors underground.

My current gig pays enough that I have a modern lock on my door, at least. I press my index finger onto a black oval on the door frame and the lock buzzes. I push my door open. The air is damp and it smells like stale beer and pizza. The fluorescents flicker on, bathing the place in a harsh white light. It’s good to be home. I walk over to my “dresser,” and dig a red t-shirt that smells clean enough out of the pile. I pull on my second favorite pair of pants. My favorite pair was recently incinerated. I frown. I hate shopping, and now I’m gonna have to. I’m not grungy enough to get by on only one pair of jeans. I pull on a pair of work boots and head for the door. I scoop a piece of day-old pizza out of a box on the floor and start chewing as I head out again.

I hear my door lock behind me and start up the stairs. I’ve slowed down to normal speed again, and it’s only ten o’clock. I check my injector. Six full chambers left. I guess I should go try out at least a couple more before I call it a night. Damn it, Ally. If any of these wreck my boots I’m gonna be pissed. I turn back down the street I took to get home and stop at the convenience store. If I was ever sorry I didn’t clean out my pockets, tonight makes up for it; I grab an energy drink from the bank of refrigerators.

The guy at the counter seems a bit on edge as I separate coins from lint. “What’s the matter, man?” I ask.

“Bad month,” he says.

“How so?”

“I’m not gonna be able to pay my insurance this month.” I prompt him to go on by way of a raised eyebrow, but he doesn’t elaborate.

“Good luck with that, man,” I say and head for the door. The can makes the usual crack sound as I open it and take a long swig. I check the street and then cross. I have a seat on the opposite curb and take another drink. My curiosity is piqued, and I got nowhere else to be. I think about earlier tonight with the “Die Hard” thing. Yeah, I totally do go looking for trouble.

I’m so totally burned out on working. I remember when I used to love the job. Now, I’m counting minutes until the end of every shift. Today, I spent the whole day writing more about my test subject in my head. I’m happy that I’m finally going to get a vacation in February. In the mean time though, I’m get to work on my day off because we have our regional director coming to visit my store. The fun just don’t stop.

  1. Megan says:

    1. I love your writing and look forward to it everyday!
    3. Your amazing ❤

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