Lab Rat part 13

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Family, Fiction, Test Subject

“Thanks. Have a good night,” I say as I turn to follow this new route. I hear him snort as I walk away. I get the feeling he’s not going to have a good night. I get halfway down the block, and look back. My stomach is tied in a knot. Even if whatever happened is unrelated, I promised to be there. I walk a little farther and duck into an alleyway. I need to get close enough to find out what happened, and I have an idea. I have to stand on a dumpster to get to it, but I manage to reach a fire escape. I haul myself up, and get to my feet. My boots clang alarmingly loudly on the rusty metal, so I take it slow and work my way up to the roof of the building.

It’s only about six stories. Not so bad, really. I remember my first steeple-chase. That was much worse. I had just started working with Ally and I had been testing a dose that made any object bigger than me my own personal down. Basically, I could walk up walls and on the underside of bridges and stuff. Since the worst case scenario for me involved about a five foot fall to the side of a building, I had thought it’d be a good idea to chase this pickpocket who turned out to be a damn free-runner. I quickly gained a decent understanding of just how far a gap I could safely jump. It wasn’t as big a gap as this guy’s though, and he ended up getting away.

The roof is flat and nearly empty. There’s an access hatch that must be locked from the inside, and a batch of air conditioner units with their fans adding a chorus of buzzing to the sounds of the city. I go over and drop my bag in a gap between two of them. I just got all these fancy clothes, and I really don’t want to ruin them. I stand there for a second and then deposit my new phone and wallet in the bag as well. I walk over to the corner of the building closest to my destination, and pose. I wish someone had a camera, because I’ve always wanted to do that.

Okay, time to quit screwing around. I walk back about ten feet, and turn. I jump up and down a little, and try to shake the jitters out my shaking my arms at my sides. I’ve done this before, true, but I was augmented last time. This time, I’m just Asher. It’s really weird to say your own name in your head, isn’t it? I shake my head. Focus. Getting distracted is what caused this mess in the first place. If I’d been here earlier… I let that go. Nothing to do but go forward. I lean forward and run as fast as I can. The next building isn’t too far off, but I can feel the supernal strength that a good old fashioned adrenaline rush gives. I jump.

I’m feeling a lot better. Nothing like not working to take some of the pressure off. I did a lot of writing on Sunday, not to mention a lot of laundry. I have so much clothing, it’s unreal! Time to pick out more to donate to my little brothers. Most likely it will all go to Andrew, since Brett’s in jail, Aaron’s in Grand Junction, and Chad and Jeremy are in Iowa. That last sentence kind of cracks me up. It’s like watching Jerry Springer or something. Except Chad and Jeremy. Near as I can tell, they pretty much have their stuff together. I think the CRAZY all came from Mom. Don’t be confused; I love her, but she was crazy in ways that drugs and therapy apparently didn’t help.


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