Lab Rat part 42

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

“Brinks, wake up.”

“Ugh,” I reply. I don’t wake up on my own very much anymore. I keep my eyes closed. Memory floods my head. I basically trashed my apartment and electrocuted myself and four other guys. Three, if the last guy made it out of the water. Two, if you don’t count the guy I outright stabbed. I roll a little to the left, only to be stopped by restraints. There’s the rhythmic beeping of a heart monitor. My eyes snap open. I’m in the back of an ambulance. I try to raise my head to look around, but my head is strapped to the gurney. I shake my left hand. The injector is still there. A set of faces looms over me. One is a dark skinned woman with huge dark eyes and black hair pulled back into a bun. She’s got an EMT’s uniform. The other is a pale blond man with fine features. His eyes are sunken into his head, making them seem even darker than the EMT’s. Everything bounces as we hit a pothole.

“Brinks, I have questions.” The man puts an arm out in front of the EMT. “You’re hurt, and I’ll let her fix you. After you tell me the things I need to know.”

“I hope I have the right answers then.” My mouth tastes like cotton. My stomach rumbles. “How bad am I hurt?” I’m pretty sure I took a bullet in the shoulder and I can guarantee that I got electrocuted. Anything else should just be bruises and scrapes. And the big hole in my cheek. “Who are you?” The last question is an afterthought. It’s a bad sign that I’m just getting used to strangers jerking me around.

“My questions first.” I look over at the EMT. She doesn’t seem worried. I guess I’m not either.

“Well I’m kind of a captive audience.” That gets a laugh out of the guy. I don’t want to be a captive audience though. I start pressing the injector against the gurney railing. Maybe I can hit the button. Still two unlabeled ones left, but I know there are a couple that would get me free.

“Good point. So… We’ll start with the easy stuff. Like what happened in your apartment.”

“What’s to tell? Me and my buddies were drinking a little. You know how it goes. You drink, have an indoor water fight, and people pass out.”

“One of your buddies had a charred black hole in his chest. Actually, through his chest.”

“That’s Jack for you. He had some kind of botched tracheotomy.” I finally hit the injector button. The heart monitor beeps faster for a second. This kid is full of shit. Wait, what?

“You’re jerking my chain, Brinks. I need to know what went on.” What powers has she perfected? Okay, I’m sure that last thought wasn’t mine. I already know things about which powers work and how well. I don’t say anything. Would have been so much easier if we could have just followed him to the lab.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” I ask.

“Cut the crap.” Those guys wanted something from you. “Those guys wanted something from you. What was it?” It was your computer, but it’s toast now. Where’s Allison?

“Okay, you got me. Those guys were trying to steal my computer, and one of them had a taser. I broke open the water line above us and he used it.” None of those guys had a taser. I could have guessed that, but he confirms it. I guess my net-book is trashed now. I can’t decide if this guy told me, or if I just knew. “What’s your name?” The guy rubs his temples and sighs.

“Agent Johnson,” he says. Steve Hirsch. Holy crap, I’m reading his mind.

This part was pretty weird to write. I was going for keeping the confusion Asher is experiencing in sync with the reader’s. Hopefully it makes sense in the end, although it may take a re-read.

I got in trouble at work AGAIN. Mostly it was a miscommunication and a misread diagram. In the end, my boss wasn’t mad. My reasoning and my actions were sound. I even handled corporate’s ambush workload satisfactorily.


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