Lab Rat part 44

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

Okay, kids. We’re back on track after 43.1. Sorry for any confusion.

Agent Johnson comes to the decision that the truth won’t hurt in this case. He raises an index finger. “There was an incident in upstate New York some months ago.” His words echo as thoughts in my head. It’s a surreal feeling to say the least. He keeps talking. “A John Doe was found in the middle of the woods. Partially decomposed. Forensics determined that he’d sustained massive trauma consistent with four of the last five sky-diving accidents on record. He fell out of the sky.” I don’t need to ask my next question, but I can’t help it.

“And how can that be connected with the Doc?” He’s expecting this question.

“He was wearing a distinctive piece of jewelry.” Johnson taps on the injector on my left wrist. “The tech inside your bracelet was developed and patented by Doctor Allison.” I sit quietly for a second. Johnson’s thoughts echo his words. At least that part is truth.

“Couldn’t that be a coincidence?” I don’t tell him how that doesn’t explain how anyone but the U.S. government could make a connection.

“It could have been.” He puts up a second finger. “Except, a guy robbed an armored car while shrugging off sustained gunfire from responding officers. The man was later found poisoned, but he had the same bracelet.” Johnson raises another finger. “Then, a few days ago a dead man was found with his hands and forearms carbonized. There were bare footprints burned into the alleyway.” They’ve been keeping anything having to do with this stuff out of the news and looking for Doctor Allison. I’ve practically led them right to her. I wish I could ask her if she wanted to be found. She’s usually way ahead of me in the planning department. Maybe she knew something like this would happen.

Just like that, I make up my mind. There is no way that whichever agency Johnson is working for has noble intentions. They would have just found Taryn and asked. This guy is lying to me. Terrorists aren’t after the doc. There’s no plausible way they’d put all of this together. She’s not some famous weapons designer. She didn’t post ads in the classifieds. Johnson’s voice and thoughts snap me back into the moment. He’s busy threatening me. “… a matter of national security at this point,” he says. I smirk. “Even if you don’t want to help your country, think about your situation for a second.” You’ve killed some people, Asher. “You’ve killed some people, Asher.” The echo effect is getting annoying.

“Self defense,” I tell him. The details may differ, but it’s pretty much impossible to live somewhere in this country where it’s illegal to defend one’s home. As for my burn victim, he started it. A decent lawyer could keep me out of trouble. Johnson’s thoughts intrude. If you don’t cooperate we can make life pretty rough for you.

“If – ”

“Save it,” I cut him off. I can feel my temper flaring. I don’t like being lied to, and I’ve been threatened enough for one week. Johnson doesn’t start talking again. I feel a mild headache coming on. Seems like a running theme with the more mentally taxing powers. I’ll have to talk to Taryn about that. Right now, I have to get out of this ambulance. I have to get away from Johnson, and I have to get back to the lab. My head throbs and my nose starts to bleed. The ambulance swerves and comes to a stop.

I got nothing in the personal arena. I’d like to thank everyone who’s reading this. It means a lot to me. See you tomorrow.


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