Lab Rat part 52

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

“Some of them are dead. Electrocuted or melted. He’s got plenty more though, and I’m thinking they’re looking for me. Near as I can tell, he’s got no link to you yet.” I squeeze out words through clenched teeth. I hope that this is making her feel better. At least at the real hospital they would have given me pain-killers. I reconsider. Maybe they wouldn’t. Johnson wasn’t letting the EMT help me at all. Taryn finishes up the stitching and examines her work.

“Didn’t you take a regeneration cartridge when you left yesterday?”

“Yeah. I’m getting to that.” I wince as she stabs the needle into the edge of the hole of the entry wound.

“Alright. So I’m guessing Agent Johnson came next.”

“I fried myself with the lightning knives and a flooded apartment. I came around in an ambulance with Johnson and an EMT. He fed me some bullshit about terrorists being after you.”

“It’s not an impossible scenario.”

“Yeah, but I was reading his mind when he said it.” I grin, despite the sickening tug as the hole gets pulled closed. Taryn grins too, but only for a second. “He was thinking about the fear of the Middle East was the best thing to happen since Soviet Russia.”

“How did he find me? What did he want?”

“It seems that a certain Doctor Allison’s field survivability project has had more success than they thought it would. The DOD misses you.” I look up at her. “They found us because of your test subjects.” She stops pulling on the stitching for a second. She looks down at me. “Apparently the guy who fell out of the sky had similar taste in jewelry. He also said something about monitoring reports of strange stuff. Like an armored car robbery or a burned mugger.”

“How’d you get away?”

“Turns out the telepathy made me able to send as well as receive. I made the EMT un-strap me and tackle Johnson. He shot her, and the driver turned on him. After we took the fight out of him, I injected the EMT with the regeneration and jumped out of the ambulance.”

“So where’s Johnson?”

“I had to leave him in the street. I had to help the EMT.”

“Where’s your phone?”

“The phone is in the lab. The SIM card is in the back of a cab somewhere.” She visibly relaxes when I say that. “That’s why I didn’t call you sooner.” She finishes tying off the sutures. I pick up the antibacterial and smear it over both holes. Taryn gets out some gauze and surgical tape and dresses the wound.

“Did you back up the data from the server?”


“Where’s your shirt?”

“It’s more of a blood soaked tattered rag than a shirt at this point.” I hold up the bulletproof vest. “Besides, I think this will be a little more functional, given the way my day is going.”

“You have a point.” She strips off her gloves. I stand and slide into the black vest. It takes some doing to get it on without smearing the antibacterial on the inside, but I manage it. I zip it up and flip the center flap over the zipper. I feel safer already. “We’ve got to pack up and get out of here,” Taryn tells me. I could have guessed as much.

Nothing personal to report today.


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