Lab Rat part 53

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

“You got it.” We head through the hall into the lab proper again.

“Grab the hard disk,” she tells me, and heads over to her own terminal. I go to mine and pop the drive free of the cable. I trot over to the store room and grab the backpack I keep in there and a black messenger bag for Taryn. I take a step out, but I double back and grab another vest. I zip the drive into her bag. Hopefully we don’t have much to carry. I don’t know how long it will be before these guys find me again, and I’d really like to keep her out of harm’s way. I head back to the main lab. Taryn is piling papers into a trash can.

“Not leaving anything for them?”

“No chance.”

“Why’d you leave, anyway?”

“Now isn’t the time, Asher.” She keeps dumping papers. I let it drop for now, and go take the door off of the refrigerator full of cartridges. Taryn looks over at me.

“Uh, you seemed busy.” She shakes her head and sets fire to the pile of papers in the trash can. I refill the four empty chambers in my injector. Inspiration strikes me, and I run back to the supply room and scoop up a roll of duct tape. I run back to the open fridge. I strip off my vest and lay it open on the floor. I carefully lay rows of cartridges down on the inside of the vest and secure them with the duct tape. As I stand up and put the vest back on, Taryn is standing in front of me. “I, uh…”

“Don’t worry about it. We have to take them with anyway.” She zips me up. The containers are cold against my skin, but having them is comforting. I’m finding myself nervous about running out at a bad time.

“Here, you need one too. ” I hand her the extra vest. She slides it on.

“Thanks. I need to get one more thing out of the stock room. Be ready to go when I come back.” I shoulder both of our bags and head over to the door. She comes back pulling a dolly with a fifty five gallon drum. She stops in the middle of the lab. “Ready?” I nod. “Good.” She tips the drum over, and the lid bursts. A clear liquid races outward from the barrel. Taryn skips away and heads for the door. “Let’s go.” I follow her. We step through the first door into the stale front room. Taryn pulls the door shut behind us. “Where are we going?” I ask her.

“I have a storage unit across town that we’ve got to destroy. After that, a warehouse in Nebraska.” She stops and takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry. We’re not going to be able to come back here for a while. We won’t even be able to set foot in a city for months.”

No news today. Or, if there is news, I’m not sharing it on the blog right now. This is the downside to setting things up in advance.


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