Lab Rat part 55

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

Taryn is checking herself for injury as I find the helicopter. How stupid of me; it was the sound of two helicopters, not one. Each one is egg-shaped, with the end facing me totally transparent. The other end tapers into the tail and is a matte black. They look very military and overly armed. “Doc, do you know what kind of choppers those are?” I have to yell over the wind of our flight and the sound of the rotors.

“They look like Little Birds,” she yells. “Massive firepower but little armor!”

“Anything on them you recognize?” I turn so that I’m mostly covered by Taryn and climb higher. I wouldn’t want anybody on the ground spoiling my fun. The helicopters rise with me.

“Mini-guns, maybe fifty cal’s! Missiles too. I can’t tell what kind!” As if to confirm, both helicopters open fire with some sort of automatic weaponry. I pull Taryn close to me. I can hear impacts pinging off her.

“Where’s the storage place?” I dive toward the Birds and fly between them. The gunfire cuts off. Guess they didn’t want to shoot each other. The sound of the rotors is deafening. Taryn points east and I follow her lead. I can’t see a thing. We’re headed into the sun. I get it. The pilots won’t be able to see me either. I think for a second. I don’t remember my own top speed. I somehow doubt that I’m as fast as a missile. I know I can’t hide in the sun forever. They may not be able to see me, but I’m unwilling to bet that they don’t have sensors that would find me. I stop and check the injector. A little less than four minutes of power left. Taryn’s yelling something again, but my ears are still ringing.

She reaches up and smacks me in the face, then points at the lead chopper. She makes a circular motion with her hand. I laugh, but the sound is lost in the air. Good plan, Doc. I head upward, and dive at the lead chopper. Its buddy opens fire at us again, but I’m going faster than the pilot’s ability to track. Man, if there was a gunner in there, I’d be a dead man. Of course, I might be anyway but that’s no reason to give up. My prey tilts and wobbles as it tries to get out of my way, but I can’t be beat in the maneuverability department. I dip my boss’ legs into the pool of blades swirling beneath us.

I can feel the air being sucked down in, and I have to push away to keep from going through myself. Even over the roaring, I can hear the clanging as the rotors contact Taryn’s toes and then calves. Sparks fly. Clothing shreds. I sink too low, and the blade catches Taryn in the abdomen. Metal shrieks and tears. The helicopter shakes violently in the air. The force is too much. I lose my grip on the vest. Before she can fall the rest of the way through the storm of shredding metal, the next rotor comes around and smashes her into the distance. Son of a bitch! I dart after her, but I lose her against the backdrop of the city. I’m pretty sure she’ll be okay. She’s unbreakable for the next three minutes, anyway.

Man, I can feel the clock ticking. Each stroke of the second hand sounds like a hammer-blow. Which, I guess, makes time like a smithy? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m really excited: the future is big and scary and unknown. After knowing exactly how every day is going to turn out for the last year, this prospect is so exciting I’m getting a little aroused! Okay, TMI. Sorry. You get the idea, though.


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