Lab Rat part 63

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

“Jennifer got us food.” Dad stands up. “I’m going to go find a vest, and we’re going to get you back on your feet.” Jennifer goes and picks up the bag she set by the dresser. Dad leans in and kisses her. It’s a long kiss. I look away. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours, kid. Get some rest.”

“Thanks, Dad.” He grumbles something and leaves. I sigh.

“Are you okay, Asher?” Jennifer’s making sandwiches on the dresser.

“Yeah. I shouldn’t have blown up the TV though.” She laughs.

“That was pretty intense. You made your point though.”

“Yeah, but I wish it hadn’t come to that. I mean, what if Dad doesn’t find my vest? All I have is what’s on me. It might not be enough.” I look at the three empties in the bracelet. “I’m not sure I can handle all this. It’s too much.” Jennifer puts the sandwiches together and brings me one.

“You survived being attacked by helicopters. That’s something.”

“It’s not enough.” I take a big bite of the sandwich. “I’m not out, but I’m down,” I say around the food. It’s probably a bad idea, but I need to get food in me for when I get my vest back. Ugh. Ham. I hate ham. I keep chewing.

“You have to start somewhere. Who knows? Maybe your Doctor Allison is okay. You said she survived the fall.”

“Yeah. She’s smart too. She even saved my ass while she was falling to the street, apparently.” I didn’t know she had my dad’s number, but I guess it doesn’t surprise me. She doesn’t leave much to chance. She probably even knows where I am. “She’s in trouble. She has to be.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“She’s not here right now. Has she contacted you since I got shot down?” She would be right here if she knew where I was. Whatever else has gone on, I know she wouldn’t just leave me hanging like this. Even if she did think she got help to me in time, she’d be here. I know it.

“No. Your father and I have been laying low since we pulled you out of the hospital.”

“I was in the hospital?”

“Of course. We couldn’t get close to the blast site. Your dad is a resourceful man, but there are limits.” She takes another bite. So Johnson would have known I was hurt but not dead. The only reason not to go after me would be if he hadn’t gotten to Taryn yet. I’m a lower priority. So where is she? “You were under pretty heavy guard. It got a little ugly getting you out of there. I was afraid we’d be making the damage worse with all the bumping around and the gunfire. Your dad is a steely eyed individual.” I can hear the love in her voice. Or maybe it’s lust. Either way.

“How did you two meet?”

“Oh, Kenneth came into the emergency room one night a few months ago. He was pretty shot up. Not as bad as you, but those guys weren’t using military grade hardware. Anyway, I started pulling slugs out of him. I was pretty amazed that he was still conscious, but he hadn’t been hit anywhere vital.” She takes another bite of her sandwich, and chews and swallows. “Anyway, I guess one of the guys who were after him came into the ER. I don’t know how he got past the guards, but the next thing I know, this guy is aiming a gun at me and saying ‘nice knowing ya, prick,’ and Ken just throws himself at the guy. It was amazing. He stabbed him so many times with the scalpel…” She trails off. Wow, dad. You got a real winner here. I shift in bed, and groan. “Oh let me fix that.” She reaches over and does something with my morphine drip.

The room starts to rotate slowly. I can still hear Jennifer’s voice, but it sounds like a lullaby. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Your dad will come back with that vest of yours.” My leg doesn’t hurt so bad anymore. I idly wonder about morphine addiction. I don’t think I could quit the injector at this point, but I don’t want to have more than one vice at a time. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah,” I say. I feel like I’m operating my mouth by remote control. “How long am I gonna be high? I have to go get Allie. Taryn.”

“You sound like your dad. He never lets things happen to him either. He’s always gotta strike first.” She pats my good leg. “You won’t be high by the time you can move again. I promise.”

“I’m not like Dad at all. Stuff happens to me all the time.”

“Get some sleep, Asher.” She tells me. That feels like a good idea. I close my eyes.

My weakness has been intersecting my rage again. Mostly it happens when no one is around, but still I’m worried I’m going to say or do something I can’t take back. Hell, I may already have done that. Not a fan of that feeling, let me tell you. I can’t wait to cool down.

I saw Sucker Punch with my homeboy Alex and his girl Sydnee. Two things about that. Number one: the movie was awesome. If you haven’t seen it, fix that. Number two: Alex and Syd are cool people. That is all.


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