Lab Rat part 67

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject
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“Okay, so what’s the plan then?”

“Find her and get us out of here.”

“That’s not much of a plan, kid.” Dad leans back and props himself up on his arms. I sit down and pull my socks out of my boots.

“I know.”

“You’re positive someone is holding her against her will.”

“Gotta be. She’d be right here otherwise.” I pull on a sock.

“Did you two have a place you could meet if you got separated?”

“That probably would have been smart.” I pull on my other sock.

“So no, then.”

“Look, it’s gotta be Johnson and his guys. They were all over us back at the lab.” I wriggle a foot into a boot. It’s singed, but my footwear seems to have fared better than my jeans. I pull the laces tight. “If she’s still in town, they’ll have her wherever his base of operations is. Right?” Dad sighs heavily.

“It’s possible.” He sits up and pulls a toothpick out of his shirt pocket. “It’s possible that they moved her out while you were sleeping.” He sticks the toothpick in his mouth. I grimace and pull on my other boot. Shit. It’s been four days. Close to five. They could have moved her. She could be anywhere by now.

“Okay, so then the plan is to find out where Johnson has her. If he hasn’t moved her, she’s here and we’re already in the right spot. If they have, we find out where and we go get her.” I finish tying my other boot.


“Er, I guess I mean just me.”

“You really think you’re up to doing this alone, Mister Bond?” He’s right, of course. I don’t think I can do this by myself. Johnson’s been ahead of me at every turn. He’ll have the average joe on his side too, now that I’m a suspected terrorist. Dad’s looking at me expectantly. I take a deep breath.

“I’m in over my head, Dad. I could use a little help, if you’re willing to give it.” He cracks a big, warm smile. Jennifer looks over at him.

“Kenneth, you are not going to go get shot up again! I just put both of you two back together.” Really, Taryn took care of me, but I let it slide. She did keep me stable, so I guess that counts too.

“I know, baby. My boy needs my help though.” She frowns at him. “Look, I’m just going to keep him from getting himself killed. His Doctor is probably fine, and holed up somewhere.” He looks over at me. I can’t read his expression, but I bet he’s questioning Taryn’s loyalty. Probably because if it had been him, he would have disappeared. No matter. He’s my dad. He’ll help. “You don’t look much like your picture with all the burns gone, but we still gotta get you some clothes.”

“No need.” I pick up the vest and strap it on. “See? Covered.” Dad rolls his eyes.

“We’re trying NOT to look like domestic terrorists, kid.” He’s right, of course. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” He gets up and disappears out the door. I look at Jennifer, and she shrugs her shoulders. He’s back in a couple of minutes with a white tee shirt. “Put this on.” He throws it at me, and it splashes across my face. I pull it over my head. It’s damp. It catches on the vest, but I straighten it out. It’ll do.

“Stole it from the laundry room?”

“It’s a white t-shirt. They’re a dime a dozen.” He fiddles with his toothpick. “It’s not like I took someone’s wallet. Now let’s get this show on the road, huh?”

Super hung over at the time of writing. Gonna get back to job hunting by the time you read this.

I am getting better.  My friends help me every day.  I will admit that every morning I check my phone and my various messaging utilities and find nothing.  The next half hour of wakefulness is spent convincing myself that I don’t want to hear from her.  The illusion holds up throughout the day.  


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