Lab Rat part 73

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Fiction, Test Subject

I jog across the parking lot, and sprint across the street. A car panic brakes to avoid hitting me. I hear the tires chirping like crickets as the anti-lock brakes kick in. Littering and jay-walking. I’m everything my mom told me not to be. I’m sure Dad would scowl too but he’d be less vocal, especially given the circumstances. I slip into the gap between the two buildings. I have maybe ten minutes to get off of street level and into cover.

There are no fire escapes. The walls are only about four feet apart though, so I have an idea. I’ve seen guys do that free running thing and just scamper up a wall. I’m not anywhere near that talented. I lift one leg up against the brick wall, and after some groping with my foot I find a spot that will hold my weight. I brace my arms on the walls and lift myself up. This is going to take too long, but I don’t have many options. I search for another foothold and find one. It’s agonizingly slow, but I climb up through the gap. Sweat soaks my vest in only a couple of minutes. The duct tape holding my extra cartridges in place is slimy. If I ever get the option, I’m getting a bulletproof vest with pockets on the inside.

I’m maybe two thirds of the way up to the roof when I can hear what sounds like a helicopter. Damn. I keep climbing. The ground units won’t be far behind, and I need to be out of sight before they get here. I push myself up higher. It’s a little late in the game, but I start going through the list of powers I have access to. I need to figure out exactly how I’m going to follow Johnson home. I immediately rule out flight. Too visible. I might have a speed enhancer in my vest, but it’s both too visible and too hard on my body. I just got myself back in working order, and I don’t want to burn out before I get Taryn to safety. I pull myself up another few feet. I think I have one that makes me a lot less visible, but it wouldn’t last long enough. Actually, the time restriction is going to be an issue in almost every case. I’ve got one idea that may pay off, though.

I’m about to haul myself over the short wall at the top when a black helicopter flies overhead. Looks like it’s show time. I wait for it to pass over. It swoops past the strip mall and comes about. I drag myself over and flop down onto the roof. I slither over to a huge air conditioner and tuck myself in along the edge just in time for the chopper to fly by and miss me again. At least, I hope it missed me. I scan the rooftop looking for a way to spy on the strip mall. There are holes on the bottom of the wall, I think for drainage. Regardless of their original purpose, they’ll work for scouting.

Nothing really interesting to say about yesterday. I did some applying for jobs and watched a couple of movies. From Paris with Love was good. Really good. The Crazies was horrifying. That’s what I was looking for though, so it was perfect. Today I have an interview and fighter practice. Wish me luck on both.


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