Snail Race

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Family, Fiction

I continued to watch from on high as Atrum and his companion ran through the woods. So intent was I that I jumped when I heard a gravelly voice behind my ear. “What has you so enthralled, brother?” I spun. Beside me on my Chariot, clothed in blood and flame, stood Ares.

“A-Ares! What brings you to the skies?” It was unseemly to stammer, yet Ares was ever unpopular with the rest of Olympus. His penchant for destruction often provoked the ire of the rest of us. Even I, who creates less than most, found him to be a distasteful companion. I did not wish for him to kill theses mortals who so entertained me, but I couldn’t find the words to divert him. He did not answer me. His gore-slicked hands grasped the edge of my Chariot and he peered over the edge.

“Watching snail races, are we?” He rumbled.

“I don’t follow,” I told him. My heart sank.

“Poseidon once told me that the entertainment of some of his fishing villages revolved around watching lesser creatures travel across a track. The mortals would place wagers on the winner of these races.” He stroked his beard. “It has been a slow day, and I too could use entertainment. Care to wager on the winner?”

“I suppose,” I said, trying to feign disinterest. I did not wish to provoke Ares, but I did not wish for him to obliterate these mortals at the moment. “They are travelling companions though. One may not wish to outpace the other.” Maybe a lack of conflict could bore him away.

“Ah.” He stood for a moment, in thought. “So it shall be man against nature then! An obstacle course of sorts!” He grinned, showing savage fangs. “I shall tell the others. They will not want to miss the fun.” A gout of flame poured into the heavens from where he stood, and he was gone. I needed to warn these two that their journey was about to become much more dangerous.

  1. heidi says:

    I love this story!!!!

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