Posted: August 23, 2011 in End of Times, Fiction

We were able to keep ahead of the dogs well enough. About the time they attacked that monastery, my boys and I were just leaving. Running scared? You bet. You ever see one of those Hellspawn up close? My buddies aren’t weak guys, but I would never ask ’em to stand against one of those monsters, let alone that whole pack. ‘Sides, I glanced back with the spyglass on more than one occasion and those monks were givin’ the beasts a hell of a fight.

I know Wil saw it too; he started cussing again. What’d he say? “You mean those churchies have a ‘bot?” Or something like that. Even without Wil’s spyglass you could catch glimpses of this bigass suit of… medieval lookin’ armor. Only, it was bigger than anyone there, so it had to be boosted. It’d go airborne every now and then, and you could see the hounds being tossed around. Boosted. Christ, you bookworms don’t know anything, do ya? Boosted as in augmented. Anyway, I don’t think it was a robot. For one thing, the movements were more fluid than any tech I’ve seen. For another, I don’t recall seeing anything like it, like, ever.

I only got to see it over the treetops, and we had to keep moving in case the hounds did come after us. Every inch of the thing was carved with hieroglyphics or something. It looked like a pair of wings wrapped around the torso. The head had a glowing halo or something. No, not a spotlight. It was a halo. Look, I’m telling you what I saw. I just got done saying I don’t think it was a bot, exactly. I think it was some sort of holy weapon or something. Like a, a relic. Do I look like a scholar to you? I’ve got an eye for the details and I ain’t stupid, but there were no libraries in my stomping grounds.

Anyway, Johnny kept us moving. Nothing like the threat of being ripped to shreds by monsters to keep ya goal-oriented, I guess. He was the better pathfinder in those dark days anyway. I gave Wil back his eye-piece and we humped off West. Johnny led us up some pretty gnarly hillside, and I covered our tracks as best we could. Toward nightfall, we got up into this rock formation that had a pretty deep cave and a natural chimney. I never asked Johnny how he found the place. Maybe he’d been there before. These days, I’d be a little more inclined to believe in a little divine assistance. At that moment when we set our gear down, I was a lot more focused on setting up a watch. Drop me in the wilderness and I know how to handle myself, but we didn’t know what those monsters could do at the time. Turns out, one of the things they can’t do is find us hiding in a cave.

From an interview with Anders Johnson, survivor.



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