Posted: February 1, 2013 in End of Times, Fiction

Her hand closed on the former leg of her end table. She kept it as she lunged to her feet. Re-armed, she turned in time to see the demon lunge. She stepped back, swung across. The table leg intercepted the bared fangs of the monster. Lower jaw gave way with a loud crack. Flesh tore. Ichor sprayed. The demon staggered. The watcher recovered. Lifted her right leg. Stomped forward, kicking the thing in the chest. It staggered backward into the kitchen. She followed. Fear gave way to rage. She snatched the cleaver out of the knife block with her left hand. The monster raised a claw to ward off its former prey. She brought the cleaver down on the arm. The cleaver lodged in bone. She yanked, clearing the path for the incoming table leg. More ichor spray. The beast dropped to the ground. She hit it again. And again. A scream. Her scream. She slumped to her knees, panting.

Silence filled the apartment. She stood, dropping the shattered furniture. She scooped up the backpack. Stepped out of the kitchen. The lights flickered again. Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence… She didn’t need to finish the thought. There were more demons here. She ran for the door. Stopped. Peered out into the hall. Coming up the stairs, two more. Three more. She stifled a whimper, bit back a curse. Could she close the door? She pushed the deadbolt back through the shattered doorframe. Wouldn’t stop a breeze. The watcher glanced around. Furniture. She lunged across the apartment, grabbed her recliner. Wheezing, she wrestled it over to the door.

Too late. The door smashed inward again, a tangle of demon claws reaching through. She heaved the recliner forward. It tumbled into the monsters. They fought each other trying to scramble over and in. The watcher cast about desperately. She couldn’t beat them all. Protect it, the apparition had said. Easy for him to say – he was a killing machine! She looked back, out the living room window. Her truck sat there, waiting. No clear path. “Help,” she whispered. One of the demons finally won its way through the gap, reared up to its full two meter height.

The beast let out an earsplitting howl. Fell into a lunge. The watcher grabbed the thing by the claws. It slashed her hands to ribbons, but her grip never faltered. She rolled backward, falling to the floor. Kicked up with both legs. The demon was lifted bodily, unable to stop its movement. The watcher let go, continued to roll backward, guiding the beast right through the window. The crash of glass washed out all other sound, faded to the tinkling of midair collisions of shards. The demon let out another howl, higher pitched, as it sailed into the night. The watcher rolled all the way back to her feet. Shredded hands trailed and streamed blood. Tears blurred her vision. The pain was too much to scream. No time for that anyway. Two more demons had cleared the gap, menacing shadows in the flickering light.

She turned away from the monsters. Glass crunched under her shoes as she stepped up onto the window sill and dropped from their sight.


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