Nuclear Reactions 1

Posted: April 18, 2016 in Fallout 4, Fiction, Uncategorized
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Ash cranked the bolt tight on the left leg plating. Between the legs of the walking tank, she could see the dark form of X6-88 as he adjusted the lenses on his rifle. “X6,” Ash said. “What do you think of all this?” He tilted his head. He was probably looking at her, but with his dark shades it was hard to be sure. Ash continued. “Father says that I’ll be the new director of the Institute when he’s gone.” Father was her son, Shaun. She hated calling him Father. She didn’t like calling him Shaun. X6 still said nothing. She took the leap. “The fact that the SRB is hunting synths and not protecting them… It feels wrong to me. If I take charge, I would change that.”

“I trust Father’s direction, and he has put his faith in you,” X6 said. He paused. “You have proven yourself capable in all ways, and so I can trust that as well.” He turned back to the workbench.

“The changes I would make…” Ash took a deep breath. “Doctor Ayo would not like them. He would likely react more violently than the men in Bio-Science. The other Coursers might also resist.” They would definitely resist. Ash stood behind her armor, still keeping it between her and X6. There was a very real chance that he would not take what she had to say very well.

“Ma’am, what changes would you make?” X6 turned to face Ash, crossing his massive arms. His black leather trenchcoat squeaked with the motion. Ash steeled her nerves. There hadn’t been a huge number of things she’d done since coming out of Vault 111 that didn’t end in a bloodbath. After all, even a synth could bleed…


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