A Better Moustrap

Posted: April 19, 2016 in Fallout 4, Fiction, Gaming
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“I’m not going to kill my friend, Danse.  Maxson is wrong about this.  He’s wrong about a lot of things.”
Her speaker boomed in the cave.  She’d never seen Paladin Danse outside of his power armor before.  It felt wrong.  There were a lot of things about this that felt wrong. 

“You’re bound by duty to do this, soldier.”  Danse stood proudly, facing what he assumed to be his executioner. 

“This is bullshit, and you know it.  No one is more dedicated to the Brotherhood than you.  You haven’t done anything to betray anyone.  The Institute may have built your body, but look at everything you’ve done with that body.”  Ash licked her lips inside her helmet.  She tasted blood.  The Brotherhood had been a great resource thus far, but the enthusiasm for exterminating non-humans was wearing on her.  “Did you ever hear of Nick Valentine?”

“You know we have intel on all potential threats in the Commonwealth.”

“Your intel is worthless. I’m the one who gathered the intel that revealed a synth Paladin.”  Danse frowned.  It was hard to argue that.  Ash continued.  “Nick has helped so many people that even Diamond City won’t kick him out.  They had a synth shoot up the marketplace, and they still let Nick stay.  He’s a better man than most of the humans I meet, and so are you.”  Ash’s blood ran hot.  This had to work.  “The world needs a Brotherhood of Steel, but they’ve got the wrong bad guy.  Synths aren’t inherently evil.  Most of them are being used for slave labor right now by the Institute.”

“All right.  Enough.  I’m with you.  Like always.”  Danse sat down on a rock.  Ash lumbered over and knelt next to him.  She gingerly placed a massive armored hand on his shoulder.  “So, what do we do now?”

“I have an idea.  The first part, you can handle.  The second part, you aren’t going to like.”  Ash grinned inside her helmet.

“One thing at a time, then.  What’s first?”  He looked into her steel visage.

“You know where a synth goes when they need help?”  Danse let out a heavy sigh.  Ash grinned harder.  “Let’s go join the Railroad.” 


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