Nuclear Reactions 2

Posted: April 20, 2016 in Fallout 4, Fiction, Gaming
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“Doctor Ayo,” Ash said.  The angry little bald man stalked back and forth in the SRB office.
“Doctor Ayo!”  Ash yelled.  The bald man whirled on her.  He leaned in close to her face.

“Tell me again how you managed to lose a Courser!” he shouted.  Spittle flecked Ash’s face.  She had gotten some truly nasty liquids on her since she thawed, but it still made her skin crawl.  “You do not just LOSE A COURSER!”  His entire head had gone red.

“Doctor Ayo, I understand that you’re upset,” Ash said very quietly.  “But if you continue to talk to me like this, you won’t live to see me become the Director.”  She smiled as sweetly as she was able.  The dried blood on her face made for a terrifying visage.  Ash had a burn across the right side of her head, and her vest, shirt, and pants were all burned down to the plates sewn into them.  Everything but the hair was an easy fix, but it was important to be convincing. 

“Are you threatening me?!” He shouted, shoving Ash against the wall. He pressed close.

“I am,” Ash whispered.  Faster than thought, she whipped her 10mm pistol from her right leg, and pressed Ayo’s mouth shut with the suppressor.  “You are a tiny little bully, and I fucking hate bullies,” she whispered into his ear.  “Every raider and super mutant and scientist who preys upon those weaker than them.”  She backed him into the opposite wall.  “I would love to solve this problem by civil discourse.”  Ash sniffed.  She smelled like a garbage fire.  She needed a shower regardless of whether she ended up covered in Ayo’s blood.  “Do you think we can do that?”  She pressed the suppressor against the underside of his jaw so hard that he couldn’t nod.

“Yes,” he said through clenched teeth. 

“Good.”  Ash stepped back, releasing the man.  She holstered the gun.  He cleared his throat, smoothed his black and white Institute frock.  “Now.  X6-88 was destroyed.  A super mutant with a mini nuke got the drop on us.  I was saved by my power armor.  He… was unrecoverable.” 

“I… see.”  Doctor Ayo frowned.  Maybe.  Ash had never seen him when he wasn’t wearing some sort of scowl.  “X6-88’s experience will be missed.  But I will assign you another Courser.” 

“Can I pick one?  Or…  Design one?”

“What is wrong with the standard models?”  Ayo asked through clenched teeth. 

“Nothing!  Nothing.”  Ash wanted to keep this civil.  Sort of.  Everything would be easier with a little cooperation.  “It’s just – the Coursers only have a couple of faces and they’re pretty distinctive.  Not good for covert operations.”

“Hmm,”  Ayo narrowed his eyes at her.  “That… is actually not the worst idea.”  He visibly relaxed.  “l’ll let Robotics know you’re coming.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”  Ash moved for the doorway.

“You should go to Medical for those burns.”

“They can wait.”  Ash disappeared into the atrium.


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