New Management

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Fallout 4, Fiction, Gaming
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“Maxson” sat in his darkened quarters, his face lit green from the glow of his terminal.  He’d only been Maxson for a month.
He rubbed his temples.  The Brotherhood’s sole source of information at this point was Paladin Ash.  He’d promoted her from Knight to Paladin when she’d brought back the lifeless body of the synth traitor, Danse.  Mustering disgust for his old body,
his old life, hadn’t been easy.  But it was what Maxson would have done. 

He’d always believed in the Brotherhood’s mission.  Humanity wouldn’t survive another apocalypse, and the reckless use of new technologies would always be a threat.  Paladin Ash had never disagreed on this point.  She’d never blamed the machines, though. For her, it was always what people did with those machines that caused the danger.  He saw her point, although he still had
reservations.  He had apparently been a synthetic human his whole life, and he’d fought the Enclave and the Institute with all the
ferocity of a lion. 

He leaned back in his usurped chair, lacing his fingers behind his head.  The only thing worse than having to lead the Brotherhood
to a false victory over the Institute was the waiting.  Paladin Ash still took regular shifts doing research patrols and escorting squires,
but she was also using the Railroad’s forces and to reinforce an old military post in the Glowing Sea.  The Institute’s scientific minds
would be relocating just as Liberty Prime was finally set loose on the Commonwealth Institute of Technology.  Ash believed that the Institute could be made into an asset for all the surviviors.  “Maxson” wasn’t so sure.  He’d let her try, though.  She’d called
herself an “angry, vengeful ghost of the innocent.”  He didn’t have to be sure.  He could count on her to destroy the Institute herself if it couldn’t be salvaged. 


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