No Backsies

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Fallout 4, Fiction
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“Desdemona and her team are dead, Father.”  Ash lied through her teeth.  And incidentally, her helmet. 

“I wish you wouldn’t wear that thing in here, Mother,” Shaun said.  “It makes you so much less personable.”  He coughed.  “What about Liberty Prime?”

“I figured that would hold.  They need a beryllium agitator to start its internal reactor.”  Ash pulled a long metallic cylinder out of her satchel.  “You know, like the one you want to install in the Institute’s reactor?” 

“Hmpf.  Fair enough.”  Shaun rubbed his eyes.  “It would still make me feel much better about leaving you in charge if you got the Brotherhood dealt with.”  He looked past Ash’s oversized form.  She turned.  A  trio of Eradicators in full armor were approaching.  “What is it?” 

“Acting Director Ayo has been incapacitated.  Possible infiltration,” one droned in a metallic voice.  Ash could not tell which one it was coming from. 

“Has a Courser investiga -”  Shaun’s words were cut off by a muffled boom.  The room rattled. 

“Attack detected,” said one of the Striders. 

“Find out who it is, and STOP THEM!” Shaun shouted.  “You!  He pointed at Ash as the two Striders turned to leave.  “I asked you to deal with the Brotherhood!” 

“You made lots of enemies, dear,” Ash said.  “Maybe it’s your own slaves’ uprising.”  She stepped closer, and put a metallic hand on Shaun’s shoulder.  She pulled the rifle free of its holster with the other.  “Don’t worry, son.  I’ll save the Institute.  But it’d help us all a lot if we could evacuate the science staff.”

“Evacuate to where?”  He tried to shove her hand away.  She didn’t budge.  His eyes widened.  “What have you done?”

“Replacing humanity with a slave race is not the way to save the world.”  Ash squeezed.  “This isn’t the life I wanted for my son.”  Shaun’s face went pale and his mouth worked silently.  “I’ve got a friend working on your terminal now.  The evacuation should sound soon.”  The suit’s targetting computer blared an alarm.  Ash glanced toward the door and raised her rifle.  The targeting computer locked on the heads of thetrio of Eradicators as they reentered the room with raised rifles.  Servos made fine adjustments to her aim, and she squeezed the trigger three times.  Crack! One one thousand.  Crack!  Two one thousand. Crack!  All three collapsed.  That trick wouldn’t work twice today.  Coursers had to be coming, and they’d definitely be cloaked by Stealthboy units.  Her mechanical gaze shifted back to Shaun.  “Give me access, sound the evacuation, and I’ll take you with us.”  Nick would get it anyway.  He was an unparalleled hacker.  This was more about redemption than anything. 

“You’ve doomed us all.  I hope you’re happy, mother.”  He closed his eyes.  “I never should have released you.” 

“The list of things you shouldn’t have done is a fucking long one, kid.” 


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