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“Doctor Ayo!”  Ash’s amplified voice boomed through the atrium of the SRB.  “I’ve found the leak!”  She thundered deeper in to the SRB.  Where was that weasel?  She lumbered into the main office.  “Doctor Ayo!”  He was sitting at a terminal, hands on his chin, reading something.  “Ayo, I’ve found how the Railroad is getting Synths out of the Institute.”  He didn’t look up. 

“So stop them,” he said.  Ash rolled her eyes.  No wonder the Railroad was able to get Synths out of this ivory tomb.  She drew her pistol and shot Ayo in the head.  Blood splattered across the office, and Ayo slumped forward.  She walked over and pulled a Vault-Tec lunchbox out of her satchel.  She flipped the switch on an tiny electrical circuit taped to the lid, and placed it in his lap.  She backed away quickly, then turned and headed for the exit.