A Brief Apology

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
I owe several people an apology.  I’ll try to be classy and not use names, and I think it’ll be obvious if I’m addressing you from the context.  If none of this sounds like it applies to you, it doesn’t.  I promise.

First, a general "I’m sorry":  I won’t be accepting friend requests on myspace.  It is little more than a mailbox for the one person I want to try and stay in touch with that I cannot just drive out and see.  In addition, I wanted to be able to spy on my friends every once in a while.  That "You must be logged in to do that!" message got old quick.

Second, I knew exactly when some people very dear to me were going to be in town, and I totally bricked my shot at seeing them.  I have a reason, but it could have been prevented if I had been on the ball.  I’m sorry.

Third, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth as far as one circle of my friends is concerned.  Clearly I need some practice with time management.  I refer to it as juggling, and I’m as bad at it in the metaphorical sense as I am in the physical sense.

Last, I’ll be throwing out a kind of blanket "My Bad" to cover things I end up doing in the near future.  It may get kind of hairy, but at this point I’m convinced: My friends will laugh and point and help me to my feet again.  Damn, I’m lucky.


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